traditional diagramKnowing what the different parts of a shutter are is a good idea when you begin shopping around for interior wood shutters. The more that you know about these parts, the more you will understand what the salesperson is talking about and what you’re reading about if you look online for the best deals.


These are the ‘blades’ of the shutters. On plantation shutters, you will find that the sizes range from 6.5 centimeters to 11.5 centimeters, approximately. For other types of shutters, the louver sizes can be smaller.

Tilt Bar

The tilt bar will generally be in the center of the shutter, but it can also be toward the side or hidden toward the rear. This bar controls how you open and close the louvers of the shutter.

Top and Bottom Rails

These are essentially the frame of the shutter. The louvers run parallel to the top and bottom rails.

Divider Rail

This is a frame piece that runs through the center of the shutter. Not all shutters will have a divider rail, though. For those that do, however, the top and bottom louvers (above and below the divider rail) will operate independently from one another. This can offer more control for light and privacy.

The Frame

The frame of the shutter essentially surrounds these components and completes the ensemble. It also helps to keep everything together so that you have a great looking interior wood shutter in your home.

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