Making Your Home a Main Attraction with Interior and Exterior Shutters

If you return home after a long day of work, pull into the driveway, and look at your house and not feel inspired by your home, then you may be considering various home improvement projects. There are many to choose from. The most common involve renovating the kitchen, remodeling the bathroom, and even improving the […]

How Much Money Could You Save on Utility Bills with Interior Shutters?

A lot of people have a desire to save money on their utility bills as often as possible. It’s one of the reasons why many homeowners throughout Toronto continually upgrade to more energy efficient appliances, including the refrigerator, air conditioning units, dishwasher, washer and dryer, and much more. When you’re looking at improving energy efficiency […]

The Key Advantages of Split Open Shutters and Solid Panels

Every homeowner is going to have different tastes and preferences when it comes to interior decor. What one homeowner could find attractive and even gorgeous, another could find hideous and repulsive. When you’re talking about interior shutters, what works for one individual may not be optimal for another. There are many different types of interior […]

Basic Maintenance Tips for Interior Shutters

Once you have gorgeous interior wood shutters installed in your Toronto home, it’s important to realize you can’t just ignore them any longer. You might have gotten into the habit of only taking down curtains or other drapery and cleaning them once a year. Maybe you only wipe down the blinds every month or so, […]

Your Floors Could Impact the Type of Interior Wood Shutters to Choose

Choosing the right interior wood shutters for your Toronto area home may feel like a significant challenge, especially once you realize all of the various options available. For example, you could choose from regular slat shutters, plantation shutters, split top shutters, paneled shutters, and much more. You also have the option to choose vinyl shutters, […]

Spring is Here and Cleaning those Exterior Shutters Shouldn’t Wait

Spring has finally arrived and that means many Toronto area homeowners are going to be throwing open the doors, opening the windows, and getting ready for a thorough spring cleaning. Even though the snow may still be on the ground, or maybe it has melted by now, thinking about cleaning the interior portion of the […]

Not Sure about Interior Wood Shutters? Try Them in One Room First

If you’ve been considering installing interior wood shutters in your home, you may have certain questions about this home improvement project. For many homeowners this is a significant investment. It’s not quite on the same level as replacing the windows or doors, but you could spend several hundred dollars for wood shutters over each window […]

3 Ways New Interior Wood Shutters Completely Transform Your Toronto Home

Getting through winter might have seemed like a difficult challenge, but congratulations … you made it. Just like every other Toronto area resident, winter can be a difficult time. You may experience some level of cabin fever, which means you’re itching to get outside and enjoy the nice weather once again. You may also become […]