slide4Not every exterior part of your house will be able to accommodate shutters, and if you have been considering adding them to your home, you may be facing a tough situation.

When space is limited, there are some things that you can do. Avoid trying to add a full length shutter to one side of a window and then only a strip on the other side. This will cause the entire window feature to appear off balanced.

Evaluate the entire window and exterior of your home. Determine which windows or which sections of your house would be able to accept full size exterior shutters. Then focus on the windows that have some type of limitation.

This could be due to the shape of the house and a corner that is in the way, a vent that was placed too close to the window, or other features that won’t allow you to affix a regular sized exterior shutter to it.

For those windows that have some space on one side, you can consider installing a half shutter. You may consider adding the full size shutter on the one side of the window that can support it, but only if the short side is next to a corner of the house, or an extension of the house.

For windows that have some object interfering with one side of the frame, consider how this window would look, in contrast to the rest of the house, without exterior shutters. If the absence of shutters here would become too noticeable compared to the rest of the house, then you will need to come up with a reasonable solution. If a small vent for a bathroom or dryer, for example, is in the way, you may want to consider having the shutter cut around it, as long as the vent can still function properly without interference from the shutter.

If you’re looking for more ideas about what you could do when you have limited space for exterior shutters, contact a professional, experienced window shutter company. No matter what situation you’re facing, there’s always a solution.

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