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Interior Wood Shutters for Bay Windows Creates more Open Space

California shutters MontréalThere are several reasons why people decide to install bay windows in their home. The most common is that they want to create a more open feel within their room. Bay windows extend out beyond the exterior walls of the house and have a shelf that extends out as well.

One of the major problems that homeowners face when they install these bay windows is covering them. Traditional window coverings, such as blinds, shades, and curtains are clumsy or they cover up everything, including the shelf.

The best solution is to have wood shutters installed over your bay windows.

Wood shutters provide an elegant and refined appearance for just about any room in your home. They also ensure that you enjoy the maximum level of privacy and light control over every window.

For bay windows (as well as bow), wood shutters are installed against the actual windows so that you can enjoy the wide open feel that these windows provide. You can choose from a variety of different styles of shutters, depending on your personal preferences and needs. You can have split-top shutters that allow you to open just the top or bottom to maximize light coming in while also protecting privacy. You can have plantation shutters or paneled shutters, depending on what design you’re seeking for your room.

By having shutters covering your bay windows, you will still enjoy the shelf and even when the shutters are closed, the entire room will feel larger because of the nature of that window.

If you are interested in learning more about what interior wood shutters can do for the bay window or windows in your Toronto home, contact Canada Custom Shutters. The moment you have shutters installed in your home is the moment when you wonder why you didn’t have it done before.

The Benefits of Bay Window Shutters

custom-wood-shutters-torontoBay windows can open up just about any room in the home. They look elegant and refined and allow more sunlight into the room than regular double hung windows. Having the right window covering over them can sometimes be a challenge as curtains or drapes cover up the entire design, blinds are inefficient for these types of windows and the basic nature of the curving structure of these windows.

Shutters, though, are ideally suited for bay windows. When you have bay window shutters, you will have a great deal of control over lighting, privacy, and the view that rests just beyond those windows.

Some of the key benefits of bay window shutters include:

  • Refined look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simplicity

Let’s take a closer look at these key benefits.

Refined look

Shutters have a more traditional appearance than modern blinds. For just about any window, wood shutters can completely transform the way they look and the appearance of an entire room.

When you have wood shutters covering your bay windows, they will appear as though they are part of the initial design, a perfect complement to the window itself.

Easy to maintain

Wood shutters are easy to maintain, requiring little more than regular dusting, as you would do for any structure in your home. The more that you open and close them, the more you’ll need to take care of them, but with the ease and simplicity with which to control them, maintenance isn’t a problem.


Unlike blinds, shades, or even curtains or other draperies, there is no need to struggle with pull cords, drawing back the curtains and trying them back, or fighting with shades that pop off the track. Shutters are simple to operate, making them more convenient when used with bay windows than any other type of window.

Bay windows can create the sense of any room being larger just by adding this type of structure to it. When you close it off with curtains, it can essentially negate the benefits of that bay window.

However, using wood shutters for bay windows will help to maintain their style and structure, helping you maximize the impact that they have on your home.