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Why Buy Synthetic Shutters?

Synthetic ShuttersIn terms of shutters, synthetic means fibers that have been processed, compressed and molded into solid shutter components. It makes the most durable surface and best insulating of all shutter materials. Many homeowners love the look of wood shutters but are concerned with the environmental impact of buying wood shutters. High quality synthetic shutters have the look and feel of wood, without the environmental impact.

Synthetic wood is a relatively new kind of material that is created from a mixture of man-made polymers. It mimics the appearance, weight and feel of real wood, and can be sawn and shaped in the same way that wood is. As such, it is an excellent material from which to make window shutters. Aside from costing around a third less than hard wood, its durability means has green benefits over real wood.

Shutters come in all kinds of materials, each with different properties. They have different life spans and varying maintenance requirements.

PolyMaxx shutters look just like wood unlike most vinyl. Poly shutters have a solid core, which can be very useful in wet locations like shower windows, but this causes them to be heavier than most other materials, making them not recommended for doors or openings requiring multiple panels hinged together.

Unlike vinyl, Poly is available in a wide range of colors. These can also be painted for a completely customized look for your home.

If you’re on the fence about what type of shutters you want for your home, call us. We’ll take you through all your options and explain the pros and cons of each. We’ll also give you a free quote so you can compare cost along with your other options.

Benefits of French Doors

French DoorsFrench doors can transform a room. They let in natural light, provide a view onto the outdoors, and they should also be a design feature in themselves.

French Doors have always been a great way to make your home a more inviting and aesthetically pleasing place. Allowing light to flow into your living space can really make a room a more enjoyable place to be and this is why many people choose to have French Doors on their homes, in the summer they can be left open to let air blow through and allow easy access to your garden as they generally do not have a central mullion. In the colder seasons they are nice to have as they allow you to see your garden and observe nature while being energy efficient and great at insulation.

They can also be used indoors as room dividers, the benefits of this over a standard connecting door are that it allows your home to still feel spacious whilst the doors are closed and allows you to only heat the room/section of your house that you are using without the heat being lost to other parts of the house. This is also very beneficial to offices and other working spaces if a department needs a quiet working area without feeling closed in.

Sliding French doors or louvered French doors make the most of your room because you don’t need to leave space for the doors to open–you can use that space for furniture or indoor plants that accentuate the connection between the interior and the garden.

You might also decide to replace old French doors with new ones. The advantages of modern French doors over older ones include:

Improved home security

Improved energy efficiency and insulation

Improved durability

Reduced maintenance

You could have your French doors fitted with opaque glass for privacy or you could opt for tinted glass if they get direct sunlight.

Most homeowners tend to choose French doors mainly for their aesthetic quality, because they add a sense of sophisticated beauty to large and smaller homes alike. The prolific use of glass allows more light to penetrate, especially when being used in exterior doors. Whenever a home is designed to allow more natural light in this always equates to a reduction in the use of electricity, and in addition natural light brightens a home in a way that no light bulb can compare.