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Plantation Shutters for Toronto Homeowners

plantation-diagramThere are generally two names that are used to describe the large slat style shutters that are commonly found in southern U.S. homes. They might be referred to as Southern plantation shutters or California shutters. The origination of these shutters, and their uses were practical in the 19th and early part of the 20th century.

They are now used for aesthetic purposes and are increasingly popular among Toronto homeowners.

The origination of plantation shutters.

In the South United States, much of the economy was driven by crops. Cotton, corn, wheat, and other items were in high demand and that helped to bring about plantations across the southern states. These states were exposed to a lot of severe weather threats including severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

The glass on these homes was a lead-based glass, which was a lot less durable and more fragile than today’s windows. As a result, homeowners wanted a way to protect them, and the inside of their homes, during serious storms. Thus the rise of plantation shutters.

During the Gold Rush in California and in the following decades, as more people migrated to the state, they realized that the Southern California sun was intense and it made staying cool a major challenge.

Plantation shutters were viewed as a great way to keep the windows closed during the hottest parts of the day, which help to make it more comfortable for the homeowners.

Today there are more advances in technology that have made the need for plantation shutters obsolete. However, the appeal of interior shutters continues to be strong, especially for people across Toronto and throughout Canada.

Interior shutters provide an incredible interior design option and plantation shutters are often considered the best of the best.

If you want to view some plantation shutters or even see how they could benefit your home or family, visit Canada Custom Shutters. You can view samples and see just how they look and then imagine how they could benefit your home as well.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Hardware for Your Custom Shutters

hardwareChoosing the right hardware for custom shutters is one of the most important aspects once you have chosen your ideal shutters. Without the right hardware, the shutters may not function the way you want, or the hardware may not last as long as you plan.

Below are three tips to help you choose the ideal hardware for your interior custom wood shutters.

Consider the weather.

Toronto is generally known as a temperate climate. The winters can be harsh, the summers see quite a bit of humidity, and spring and fall can vary. The more moisture that your home experiences, the more it will impact the hardware.

Choosing brass hardware fittings for your custom wood shutters may seem like a great idea at the time, but if you experience a lot of humidity inside your home, they will corrode and lose their luster relatively quickly.

You can certainly do things to help maintain the condition of that brass, but stainless steel may be a better option for your home.

Focus on durability.

When you are investing a significant amount of money on these interior shutters for your home, you may be looking to save some money on the hardware. Cheap hardware will not hold up as long as more durable, heavier based hardware. If the hardware breaks or becomes tough to operate, it can affect your enjoyment of those shutters.

Match all components of the shutters with the hardware.

While you may like the look of a certain hinge strap, you want to make sure that the shutter dogs and the hinge straps match. They should not only complement the style of the shutter that you’ve chosen, but they should also ensure full functionality of the shutter.

If you have questions about what hardware would suit your wood shutters best, speak to the salesperson and look at all of your available options. The hardware will complete the look, so give it the attention it deserves.

Interior Wood Shutters Can Work with Unique Window Shapes

Interior ShuttersFor any Toronto home that has a unique window shape, there are not many that are covered. Using drapes or curtains can be one way to help cover up these out of the ordinary window shapes and sizes, but they don’t tend to do the design of the window much justice.

For example, a half moon style window that is situated over an entry door may have a great deal of aesthetic appeal for a variety of reasons, but due to the curvature of the window, using traditional window coverings can become problematic and can even make the entire are look haphazard and less than ideal.

The same holds true for triangular windows. There is a solution that can work to ensure that the homeowner maintains their privacy and still manages to control the light that comes into the home through these unique shaped windows. Custom designed wood shutters.

Interior wood shutters are commonly thought of for basic window shapes and designs, but they can be ideal for a number of other situations, including covering those odd, unique shaped windows.

Being able to completely close off exposure on a window can benefit the homeowner in a number of ways. First, it can help to control the amount of light that gets into the home, which can help to protect furniture, keep the house cooler during the summer, and warmer during the winter.

Second, interior shutters provide privacy for the homeowner. Completely sealing off the windows ensures that no one will be able to see in, unlike with drapes, blinds, or shades that can leave gaps along the outside edge.

Finally, wood shutters help to add a layer of insulation to the windows, which helps to keep the cold air out better during the frigid Toronto winter months.

If you have a few windows, or just one, that is unique in its shape and/or size, consider interior wood shutters as a way to cover them and keep your home looking great all year round.

What to Do When Space is Limited for Exterior Shutters

slide4Not every exterior part of your house will be able to accommodate shutters, and if you have been considering adding them to your home, you may be facing a tough situation.

When space is limited, there are some things that you can do. Avoid trying to add a full length shutter to one side of a window and then only a strip on the other side. This will cause the entire window feature to appear off balanced.

Evaluate the entire window and exterior of your home. Determine which windows or which sections of your house would be able to accept full size exterior shutters. Then focus on the windows that have some type of limitation.

This could be due to the shape of the house and a corner that is in the way, a vent that was placed too close to the window, or other features that won’t allow you to affix a regular sized exterior shutter to it.

For those windows that have some space on one side, you can consider installing a half shutter. You may consider adding the full size shutter on the one side of the window that can support it, but only if the short side is next to a corner of the house, or an extension of the house.

For windows that have some object interfering with one side of the frame, consider how this window would look, in contrast to the rest of the house, without exterior shutters. If the absence of shutters here would become too noticeable compared to the rest of the house, then you will need to come up with a reasonable solution. If a small vent for a bathroom or dryer, for example, is in the way, you may want to consider having the shutter cut around it, as long as the vent can still function properly without interference from the shutter.

If you’re looking for more ideas about what you could do when you have limited space for exterior shutters, contact a professional, experienced window shutter company. No matter what situation you’re facing, there’s always a solution.

The Benefits of Custom Wood Exterior Shutters for Your Home

exterior-shutters-07There are generally a number of benefits that wood exterior shutters offer any homeowner. Sometimes they are subtle benefits. Other times they are more pronounced. Below are four of the key benefits that you should expect to gain by having wood exterior shutters installed on your home.

1. They improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

In other words, wood exterior shutters look great. They are an attractive feature that you simply don’t get with plastic or vinyl, faux wood shutters. If you don’t have anything surrounding your windows, you will begin to notice an odd appearance to the house. The frame of the window is generally simplistic and can leave the entire house looking as though something is missing.

You don’t have to worry about that when you have wood exterior shutters on your home.

2. Wood exterior shutters offer great protection.

If you have functional wood shutters, then you could close them over the windows during the winter to help protect against those long, cold Canadian winters. If there is a storm brewing in the summer, they can be quite severe.

Being able to protect the glass of your windows from wind damage is a great asset.

3. You can control the amount of sunlight, and privacy, that you have in your home.

Again, this applies to functional exterior wood shutters, not the style that are merely decorative. You can close the shutters and control the slats which will provide you more or less privacy and light that enters your home. This can be practical for those who wish to keep their interior window treatments open but who don’t want to be bombarded by direct sunlight, or prying eyes, throughout the day.

4. Low maintenance. When you have exquisite exterior wood shutters, you won’t need to worry about maintenance very often. Just soap and mild water is all you’ll need to keep them clean. Even if you live in a high dust environment, you could simply hose your shutters down once a week to keep them looking and functioning properly.

The Benefits of Bay Window Shutters

custom-wood-shutters-torontoBay windows can open up just about any room in the home. They look elegant and refined and allow more sunlight into the room than regular double hung windows. Having the right window covering over them can sometimes be a challenge as curtains or drapes cover up the entire design, blinds are inefficient for these types of windows and the basic nature of the curving structure of these windows.

Shutters, though, are ideally suited for bay windows. When you have bay window shutters, you will have a great deal of control over lighting, privacy, and the view that rests just beyond those windows.

Some of the key benefits of bay window shutters include:

  • Refined look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simplicity

Let’s take a closer look at these key benefits.

Refined look

Shutters have a more traditional appearance than modern blinds. For just about any window, wood shutters can completely transform the way they look and the appearance of an entire room.

When you have wood shutters covering your bay windows, they will appear as though they are part of the initial design, a perfect complement to the window itself.

Easy to maintain

Wood shutters are easy to maintain, requiring little more than regular dusting, as you would do for any structure in your home. The more that you open and close them, the more you’ll need to take care of them, but with the ease and simplicity with which to control them, maintenance isn’t a problem.


Unlike blinds, shades, or even curtains or other draperies, there is no need to struggle with pull cords, drawing back the curtains and trying them back, or fighting with shades that pop off the track. Shutters are simple to operate, making them more convenient when used with bay windows than any other type of window.

Bay windows can create the sense of any room being larger just by adding this type of structure to it. When you close it off with curtains, it can essentially negate the benefits of that bay window.

However, using wood shutters for bay windows will help to maintain their style and structure, helping you maximize the impact that they have on your home.


Shutters for Outdoor Living: 3 Things to Consider

exteriorYou’re standing outside your home on a nice spring morning and looking at your house. You notice that there seems to be something missing and you’re thinking that you might want to install outdoor shutters by the windows.

The condition of your house will have a direct impact on how much you enjoy spending time outdoors during the spring and summer months.

What type of outdoor shutters should you consider? Three things to consider are:

  • What the shutters are made of
  • Functionality
  • Placement (position)

Let’s take a closer look at these three things that you should consider.

Materials of the Shutters

Exterior shutters are generally made from either wood, plastic, or vinyl. Each type of shutter will offer you home something different.

If you’re looking to fill in space next to the windows and aren’t too concerned with quality, you’ll be able to save money with inexpensive plastic shutters. Up close, it will be obvious that these shutters are a lower quality.

If you want something that will last a bit longer than those plastic shutters, but don’t feel that natural wood is worth the investment, you can choose vinyl shutters. These are generally designed to look closer to wood than plastic, and they come in a variety of colors. They are easier to maintain over time, but don’t add much more than plastic shutters would.

Then you have wood shutters. These will add true character to your home. They require more maintenance and cost more up front, but the value that they bring is unmatched.


Do you want these shutters to be functional? In other words, do you want to be able to draw them closed? Outdoor shutters used to be fully functional, used to protect the home against severe weather, but today they are not often functional.

However, having functional shutters can offer another line of defense for the homeowner.


Where your new outdoor shutters are placed can have an impact on whether they fit your home or come across as a bit cumbersome. In order to determine the best placement, you should consult with a professional shutter company or installer.

Choose someone that has a long history of experience working with shutters.

Outdoor shutters can improve not only the appearance of your home, but also its value. When you are considering exterior shutters, contact Canada Custom Shutters.


Why Certain Homes should Have Interior Door Shutters

Vancouver Custom ShuttersInterior shutters provide an elegant and refined style to any room in the house. They can be fitted to any size or type of window that the homeowner may have, including bay and bow windows as well as casement windows. Interior door shutters are an addition that some homeowners may not have considered, but on specific doors, they can provide ambiance and comfort.

Interior door shutters will only truly be effective and look right on French doors or patio doors. For certain doors in the home that have a significant portion of glass, they may also be something to consider, though they may not fit the design of the door.

Why Interior Door Shutters?

These types of shutters are ideal for specific doors because they offer simple and convenient light and privacy control. They are also a timeless style of window covering. French doors are the most common of all interior doors that could be fitted with shutters.

French doors are generally a set of two doors with the handles at the center of the doors that open inward and consist of mostly glass with a small wood frame around the exterior structure of the door. French doors can be constructed of simple design or they can be ornate, depending on the style of the home and preferences of the homeowner.

Due to the fact that these French doors have a significant amount of glass, some type of covering, either draperies, shades, blinds, or shutters, becomes important for privacy and controlling the light coming into the home. Shutters are ideal for interior doors because they avoid the cheap look of blinds or the cluttered appearance of curtains.

Interior door shutters are available in narrow to wide slat sizes so that you could choose the style that fits your home, and the particular room, best. French doors are often used for bedroom balconies and are becoming more popular for outdoor decks and patios.

If you want to find out more about interior door shutters, contact the experts at Canada Custom Shutters. They will be able to discuss all of the options available for your French doors as well as other doors that contain a significant amount of glass.

Why Get Your Shutters Professionally Installed

Functional ShuttersCanada Custom Shutters will provide professional shutter installation, the best in the industry. Many companies use subcontractors but we have our own professional installers that will install your shutters to ours exacting standards.

The main issue with using subcontractors is that they carry no real responsibility for their workmanship. They are typically paid by the job for each installation, thus their primary motivation is hanging as much square footage as quickly as possible to make more money.

Our team has been trained to install your shutters professionally in a timely manner with respect for your home and furnishings. We are only satisfied when you are as well.

Installing custom shutters is not the simplest of projects; in fact, we look at it as an art form. You need the right skills and proper training. Of course the first step to a great installation is a professional design and measurement. We will go through all of this with you during the design consultation and educate you about proper, professional installation methods.

Many shutter, door, and window treatment companies are simply in the business of selling their products. They may not have the skills to design products that can match your existing décor. They also may not understand how to conduct proper measurement, differences in construction (style and material), or proper installation.

At Canada Custom Shutters, we not only understand all of these components, we know how to bring them together to give you the perfect shutters for your home. Simply trusting a company based on a few shutter samples in their showroom is not going to get you the custom look you want. Call us today to talk about what you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with all the information and consultation you need to make the ideal decision for your home.

Shutter Style Overview

california shuttersLife is in the details, especially when it comes to your home. Sometimes the smallest changes – a new window treatment, fresh trim paint, or a set of new shutters – can completely change the look of your home. Choosing the right shutters can be a daunting task; there are many different styles available, each with its own unique qualities.

The most typical and popular style is the louvered shutter. The center of each panel is made of wood slats, which allow air and light to flow into your rooms according to how you position the slats. Many modern louver shutters are merely decorative, but they continue to have a universal appeal across architectural styles. Operable louvered shutters are also available; these shutters have louvers that really move.

Shutters made from three or four boards tied together with cross boards are board and batten style. They are tied together at the top, center, and bottom. Originally this type of shutter was used on barns to keep rain, wind, sun, and other elements out. Many farmhouses used them as well and they add a rustic touch wherever they are hung. They look fantastic paired with natural products like stone or wood.

In the tropics you will see many homes with Bahama shutters. This style is very functional in storm prone areas. The shutters are top hung and can be swung down and secured when hurricanes or other bad weather looms. They are designed to protect your windows from high winds and debris. On beautiful days, the top-hung, slatted design of Bahama shutters allows tropical breezes to blow through open windows without inviting the heat of the sun. Bahama shutters add a touch of tropical flair to any home while also protecting flooring and curtains from direct sunlight.

If you have a colonial style home, raised panel shutters could be the addition you need to make it stand out. This style came from Western Europe and was used largely in New England during the colonial days to help keep the cold out during the long northern winters. These shutters are wonderful in terms of summer energy efficiency because they completely block out light. You can keep your home cool even in direct sunlight with this style shutter.

To create an elegant Victorian feel consider using combination shutters. This style combines the louvered look with solid construction of the raised panel style. They look great with just about any style décor or home and are functional without overwhelming the room.