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If You Have the Skills, You Could Build Your Own Plantation Shutters, but There’s an Easier Way to Enjoy this Incredible Window Treatment

do it yourselferThere are millions of people throughout Canada who are considered ‘do-it-yourselfers.’ These people have a tendency to try and build things themselves for their home, fix various issues that arise at home, and much more. They have a tendency to spend countless hours trying to do something rather than call on a professional.

If you are one of these people who consider yourself a do-it-yourselfer, that’s a noble thing. It’s great to be able to use your hands, know how to use tools properly, and take pride in your work. However, if you have been thinking about building your own plantation shutters, you may very well have the skills and equipment to do it, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to save you money in the long run.

The thing you need to consider or seriously think about is the amount of time that it’s going to take to just build one single plantation shutter. This is not like other major home improvement projects. Consider that the average Toronto home has 14 windows. If you plan on covering every single one of those windows with plantation shutters, you’re talking about at least 28 shutters to build.

You may be able to find ‘kits’ that you just have to sand down and paint to your desired color, but then you need to put them together properly and that requires precision. If anything is slightly off, the shutter may not fit perfectly in the window and it may not function properly.

There is an easier way to get plantation shutters installed in your home.

That is to purchase your plantation shutters from an experienced professional. Not only will you know that the plantation shutters you purchase are going to fit, you’ll also have the peace of mind to know they will be installed perfectly and look as though they were part of the house from the very beginning.

Installation Advice for the Do-It-Yourself Toronto Homeowner

measuring-for-shuttersIf you’re planning on installing brand new interior shutters yourself, you should have a fair amount of experience with some aspects of carpentry. Installing interior shutters is not quite the same as hanging curtains or drapes. If you don’t do everything right, you will end up with crooked shutters that don’t close properly, don’t look right, and that will eventually become an eyesore rather than an asset in your home.

It’s always best to have a professional install interior wood shutters, but if you insist on doing it yourself, follow the steps listed below.

Measure the window opening.

You want to measure horizontally between the window jambs. Do this in three different places: the top, middle, and bottom. This ensures that the individual who built the rough opening didn’t cut corners and that the top is the same width as the bottom.

If the measurements are different, focus on the smallest of the numbers. It’s best to use a folding ruler and not a tape measure as this would give you the most accurate reading.

Prepare the shutters.

You need to get the hinges in place on the shutters next. Seat a hinge in the mortise. Your shutters may have pre-drilled holes to make it easier to position the hinge. Most shutters are designed to open from to the right.

Screw all of the hinges into the shutters.

Have help to hold the shutters in place.

You need to have someone help you hold the shutters up to the window jamb. You want to ensure that hinges protrude enough to allow the shutter to clear the casing when parallel to the wall. Use a pencil to notch a line behind each hinge.

Next, screw the hanging bit to the jamb.

Align the shutters in the opening.

Using help, align your shutters in the window opening. Use shims as needed to adjust the shutters to create an even spacing along the window jamb. Mark the casing at the top of each hinge.

Transfer the mark on the casing to the jamb.

Use a combination square to accomplish this. Secure the shutters to the window jamb, step back, and admire your work.