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How Shutters Improve Energy Efficiency of Your Home


save-money-home-insurance2The battle to keep warm sometimes seems to be never ending when you live in Toronto. Winters roll in far too early and eases its grip far too late. In between, we’re bundling up, adding layers of clothing to stay warm, and keeping the heat down in our house trying to save a bit on those home heating costs.

There are several things homeowners can do to help lower their energy costs (improving the energy efficiency of their home). One is to consider replacing old, drafty windows and doors.

40 percent of your home’s heat escapes through the windows and doors. Having old, outdated, and inefficient windows could be costing you hundreds of dollars every single month. That’s way too much!

Once you have those old windows replaced, you could still benefit by adding one more addition to them: interior wood shutters.

If you’ve ever noticed how much warmer it feels when you walk by drafty windows that are covered by thick drapes or curtains, it’s because there’s an extra layer of defense against the cold. It doesn’t mean the cold isn’t getting into your home and cooling each room inside. It means you don’t feel its impact as directly.

Interior shutters offer better protection against the cold than any curtain, drapery, or other window treatment option. That’s because when those interior wood shutters are closed, the slats are closed, the cold air won’t penetrate into your home as easily. It’s akin to placing a layer of plastic over your windows. It isn’t going to completely solve the cold draft problem you experience, but it certainly is going to help.

Not only do interior shutters protect against the cold to some degree, unlike drapes, they will actually block some of that cold air, rather than simply redirecting it downward.

So if you’ve been looking for a better option with regard to energy efficiency at home, look into interior wood shutters; you’ll save more money on heating costs when you do and in Toronto, that could be quite a bit of money staying in your pocket.


Window Shutters Will Save You Money This Winter

plantation-650Running your heat is not the only way to keep your home warm this winter. You can lower your energy bills any number of ways – adding insulation, weatherproofing windows and doors, wearing warmer clothes inside, etc. Window shutters are another cost effective way to reduce your energy bills and keep your home feeling toasty.

Closing your shutters against chilly winter drafts does more than make the room feel cozier; it can also actually make the room warmer. You’ll be able to keep the heat lower longer by closing your window shutters to conserve interior heat. A lot of heat is lost through poorly insulated windows, your shutters add another layer that helps trap heat and keep out the cold.

Shutters are more effective than curtains or blinds in terms of energy efficiency. They also provide better privacy and security. With shorter days in the winter, we tend to keep our lights on longer; a habit that can lend itself to privacy issues. Shutters can act as a barrier to the outside and ensure that you and your family are safe.

By using plantation or solid panel shutters you can protect your family from prying eyes by simply closing them as it gets dark out. They can also act as a deterrent to an intruder because they are yet another barrier to traverse before getting into the home. During the day, shutters can be opened to provide the warm of the sun and natural light.

As previously mentioned, plantation or solid panel are the best styles to choose from both energy efficiency and privacy. Plantation shutters are a great choice because they feature louvered panels that can be adjusted. Plantation shutters are available in hardwood or painted wood, and they can also be waterproofed to be able to be used in high-moisture areas like bathrooms or kitchens.

Solid panel shutters originated in the Victorian era and are now used to help make homes more energy efficient. The solid wood panels provide a lot of coverage and can also help reduce external light and noise from entering your home. They are the most effective for privacy and a very popular choice for bedrooms.

Both of these shutter styles look great in your home and help reduce those high-energy costs. Indoor shutters can also be custom made to fit any window. Talk to an expert at Canada Custom Shutters and we’ll set you up with a free in-home consultation and get you on your way to a great winter in the Greater Toronto Area.