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The Key Advantages of Split Open Shutters and Solid Panels

slide000Every homeowner is going to have different tastes and preferences when it comes to interior decor. What one homeowner could find attractive and even gorgeous, another could find hideous and repulsive. When you’re talking about interior shutters, what works for one individual may not be optimal for another.

There are many different types of interior wood shutters to choose from, including plantation or California shutters, thin slat shutters, split shutters, and solid paneled shutters. There are some advantages and disadvantages for each, depending on the homeowner, their location, and other factors.

Below are some key advantages of split open shutters and also solid paneled shutters.

Split shutters allow the individual homeowner to open the upper or lower portion of the shutters on any window, which can help to protect privacy and still allow fresh air into the home. For example, on a regular slat shutter, the homeowner could draw open the shutters completely, lift open the window to allow fresh air in, but they also expose themselves to prying eyes from outside.

The same holds true if they simply open the slats slightly. They could angle the slats upward that could block views into the house, but having split shutters can allow the homeowner keep to keep the lower half closed during the evening and nighttime hours while having the window open up top to allow fresh air in.

Paneled shutters can offer some benefits with regard to energy efficiency. Paneled shutters may offer a little bit more insulation during the winter months than slat shutters. They could also black out sunlight more effectively, though slat shutters are highly effective at cutting back on the amount of sunlight that penetrates into the home as well.

In order to enjoy fresh air, paneled shutters would need to be completely opened, thus exposing the homeowner to the outside world.

To learn more about the advantages of slat shutters, paneled shutters, and even split shutters, contact Canada Custom Shutters today.

Interior Paneled Shutters Provide Specific Benefits

exterior-shutters-022Shopping for shutters for your windows could leave your head spinning. There are so many things to think about and consider that you might feel as though you’re out of your league.

That’s why it’s so important to find a quality shutter company to help you understand all of the options and features, like paneled shutters.

When you ask most people what window shutters are or look like, you’ll probably hear the same answer: wood window coverings that have slats that you can open or close to let in light or provide privacy.

There’s another option, too and it’s called paneled shutters. These are the same concepts as slatted shutters but they are solid paneling. In order to allow light in or to open the windows, you need to swing the shutters open all of the way. You wouldn’t be able to just slide the slats open slightly, so you’d have more difficulty with light and privacy control, unless they are fully open or fully closed.

Why would you want to consider paneled shutters? You might prefer to know that when the shutters are closed that you will have complete privacy. It may also be important for you to be able to block out the morning or afternoon sunlight completely, and that’s where paneled shutters can truly help.

It’s all going to be a matter of personal preference, of course, so if you are curious about paneled shutters rather than traditional slatted wood shutters, be sure to contact a shutter expert. That way you can see samples of the various options and then decide which one might be ideal for you and your home and family.