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Simple Exterior Shutter Repair Strategies You Can Do, even during the Middle of Winter

repairs you can do in the winterWinter is usually not the time of year when people think about working on the exterior of their house. You can’t paint the exterior part of the house during winter because the temperature is not warm enough for the paint to properly adhere to the surface. If you try to paint during the winter time, you would likely have nothing but a drippy mess all over your house.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain projects you could take care of on those relatively warmer days.

You may have older, worn out exterior shutters that require a significant amount of attention to get them back in great shape and looking the way they were designed originally.

Below are a few simple strategies you could use to help improve the look and appearance of your exterior shutters. You can do this when it’s warmer out and when it’s safe to place a ladder on the ground.

1. Walk around and analyze the condition of each exterior shutter.

This is the best way for you to take honest stock about what your exterior shutters look like. Take a pad of paper with you and write down any notes regarding issues with various shutters. You could do well to develop a numbering system to easily identify each shutter and where it is located on the house.

Take note of any warped, cracked, or missing slats. Focus on rust on any hardware components that may be there. If the exterior shutters are pulled away from the house itself, make note of this as well.

2. Take down one shutter at a time to work on it.

If you try to take down all of the shutters that need work at the same time, you’ll probably put them in the garage, basement, or other work area. This could lead to confusion about where they go back up and it’s far too easy then to neglect the work that needs to be done.

Instead, only work on one shutter at a time. Take down that shutter, repair it, and then replace it. That way you can deal with any impending winter weather or drop in temperature as it comes without getting too far behind.

3. Replace any old hardware, restore and paint the shutters.

When you have the shutters down, do the work in a warmer room or environment. This will allow you to sand down, repaint, and replace the hardware on them.

When done, you can reinstall the exterior shutter to the house and then move onto the next one.

Damaged Shutters? Hire the Right Professionals to Repair Them

do it yourselferFrom time to time interior and exterior shutters are going to get damaged. If you have wood shutters on the inside of your home, you’ve made a good investment and they should last a long time. However, as the years march on and the more use that the shutters see, the more wear and tear they will be exposed to.

If you’re talking about exterior shutters, severe weather, especially the kind we experience in Toronto, such as ice storms, freezing rain, torrential winds, and much more can do an incredible amount of damage to the exterior portions of your home, including the shutters.

Exterior shutters are usually nonfunctional. That means the slats won’t move and those shutters will not be meant to draw closed over the windows. As a result they’re much easier to repair than interior wood shutters that are designed with many functionalities in mind.

The common mistake homeowners make.

One of the most common mistakes Toronto homeowners make when they look to have somebody come to their home and repair their interior shutters is hiring the cheapest contractor they can find. That’s because they don’t want to spend a significant amount of money repairing these window treatments.

In truth, the contractor who doesn’t have any real, direct experience working with shutters may very well be skilled in a variety of carpentry aspects, but shutters are precision units. They deserve to have somebody who knows what they’re doing working on them to repair them in the best way possible.

If you end up trying to save money with a cheaper contractor to repair those interior wood shutters, you may be disappointed with their functionality afterward.

Keeping them looking and operating as they were designed requires regular maintenance, but sometimes it demands a bit more. If that’s the case right now, contact Canada Custom Shutters and have an experienced professional come to your home, analyze the condition of the shutters, and offer you an honest quote to repair them.