commercial-mainTrying to decide between window coverings can be challenging, especially if you’re not accustomed to interior design. While curtains, shades, and draperies are fundamentally different than shutters, blinds are its closest match.

When you want the ideal window coverings for your home, you could have questions about which is better: blinds or shutters.

The answer depends on each homeowner’s personal preferences, but for those who are more interested in value for their home, wood shutters are going to be far better than blinds almost every single time.

Key Advantages of Blinds

One of the primary advantages to choosing blinds will be the cost savings. You could find relatively inexpensive blinds at your local home improvement store. These will be made of plastic, will generally come in a couple of color options, though predominantly white, and be easy to install.

Key Disadvantages of Blinds

There are some blinds that are made of other materials and will be more durable, but most plastic blinds will be flimsy, meaning they could be damaged or broken easily. The strings that bind them all together and allow you to open and close them can become tangled, twisted, and frayed.

Key Advantages of Wood Shutters

Wood shutters have an elegant appeal to them that can actually improve the comfort of any room in your home. They will also help to enhance the overall value of the entire house.

They are easy to operate, provide great control over light and privacy, and are durable. They can be stripped down and repainted so they will generally last for many years, even decades.

Key Disadvantages of Wood Shutters

The main disadvantage of wood shutters is cost. You will need to make a more significant investment in wood shutters at the outset, but as they will last for a long time, that investment will pay dividends for many years to come.

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