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Spring is Here and Cleaning those Exterior Shutters Shouldn’t Wait

Spring is Here and Cleaning those Exterior Shutters Shouldn’t WaitSpring has finally arrived and that means many Toronto area homeowners are going to be throwing open the doors, opening the windows, and getting ready for a thorough spring cleaning. Even though the snow may still be on the ground, or maybe it has melted by now, thinking about cleaning the interior portion of the house is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to think along the outside.

Depending on the type of house, its location, and many other factors, including the climate during this past winter, dirt, dust, grime, and even mold and mildew can form along the exterior portion of the house. This is especially true when you’re talking about the northern facing portion of the house.

Many homeowners don’t clean the exterior part of their house in the later summer or autumn months. They are more likely getting ready for the winter season ahead and all of that dust and dirt and grime that built up through the spring and summer months, including moss, mold, and potentially even mildew on areas that don’t get direct sunlight, can affect the appearance and integrity of the house itself.

That’s true of exterior wood shutters as well. Even vinyl shutters can be exposed to potential damage over time.

Putting off cleaning the exterior part of the house until the weather turns warmer, especially if it’s going to require a hose or even a pressure washer may be the first thing a person considers. After all, why not put it off till summer when it won’t matter so much about getting wet?

The longer that any wood, vinyl siding, or other material is exposed to dirt, grime, mildew, mold, moss, or anything else, the more damage can be done to that material.

Cleaning exterior shutters doesn’t have to be completely difficult. Many shutters can remain in place, especially if the homeowner relies on a pressure washing unit. Using high pressure water, it can remove basic dirt and grime, restoring exterior shutters to like new condition, especially if they are not very old to begin with.

Caring for Those Exterior Window Shutters Can be Done Any Time of the Year

color for shuttersWhen you have exterior wood shutters on your home, they are going to be exposed to an incredible amount of tough weather conditions. Not only are winters in Canada pretty brutal at times, the summers can be incredibly warm and humid as well.

These harsh weather conditions take a toll on the exterior portion of your home. You may find it necessary to pressure wash your house on an annual basis to keep moss, dirt, and other foreign contaminants from being etched into the surface of the siding, paint, or other surfaces.

Whether you have vinyl or wood exterior shutters on your home, they will also require some bit of maintenance from time to time. Many people tend to wait until the warmer spring and summer weather to inspect and maintain their exterior shutters, but it can be done anytime of the year.

Winter and even early spring is a great time to consider caring for your exterior shutters. As long as you can safely access those shutters with a latter, can get them down from the house, then you can do a significant amount of work during the time of year when you may be doing less around your house and yard.

Wood shutters should be sanded down and repainted every so often. You can use certain chemical solutions to help strip the old paint away that will make it much easier to sand them down and refinish them. This can help restore your shutters to almost new condition.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this with vinyl shutters. If some of the slats on your wood shutters have become warped or damaged beyond repair, you could replace them with new slats. Again, this cannot be done with vinyl shutters.

If you are planning on working on your home’s exterior shutters this summer, why wait? Right now is a great time to take care of them.

Going Green with Exterior Shutters for Your Toronto Home



If you’re one of the millions of Canadian homeowners who focus on doing the right thing for their community as well as the environment, you may be assuming that exterior shutters -either replacing them or getting new ones for your home- is not the best thing to do.

There are certain materials as well as paints that are considered harmful for the environment and some inexpensive exterior shutters may be manufactured with these materials. If you like the idea of having exterior shutters on your Toronto area home, but want to do what’s right for the environment at the same time, you can certainly go green quite easily.

Choosing recycled shutters.

You may be able to find old shutters that people are getting rid of, especially wood ones that can be sanded down and repainted with an environmentally friendly paint. You can find paneled shutters, louvered shutters, and even fully functional shutters that are quite old and in somewhat decent condition.

Choosing natural wood shutters.

Vinyl shutters are not considered environmentally friendly, mostly because of the materials used in their construction as well as the process to make them. When you choose natural wood shutters for the exterior portion of your house, you will be using a hardwood that is fully replaceable and, if you look deep enough into the history of the wood itself, you’ll probably realize that they come from farms that plant new trees to replace the old ones.

The best advantage of wood shutters for your home is not just that they will look great and add incredible curb appeal for your home, but that they will last for generations if taken care of on a regular basis. Keeping them in good condition, protecting them from the elements, and even sanding down and repainting them every so often will help to maximize longevity of those shutters.

Depending on the color of your house, you may even consider painting them green, too. Really go ‘green’ with your new exterior shutters!





Steps to Help Determine the Right Window Shutters for Your Home

custom-wood-shutters-torontoThe moment you decide to get shutters for your home, you’ll be met with a number of decisions. Below are a few of steps that can help you decide which shutters are ideal and optimal for your particular home in the Greater Toronto Area.

Not all the steps are going to be necessary for everyone, but we included as many as possible to help you ultimately make the right decision for your home, your family, and your budget.

1. Decide between interior or exterior shutters.

There is a significant difference between interior and exterior shutters, especially in the Greater Toronto Area. Exterior shutters are more about aesthetic appearance and curb appeal than functionality. Interior shutters are designed to be used for both privacy and light control.

Interior shutters tend to be more expensive than exterior ones, but mostly because they perform a different function.

2. Wood or vinyl?

There are numerous vinyl shutters you can choose from, but more often than not they simply look fake and don’t provide the same style that natural wood shutters offer. This holds true for both interior and exterior shutters.

3. Fixed versus operational louvered shutters.

If you want to have complete control over the shutters in your home, then you want operational louvered shutters. This allows you to open and close those louvers to control light that gets into your home as well as privacy.

4. Make sure you get the right size shutters.

Measuring incorrectly can lead to the wrong size shutter for each window in your home. If you don’t know how to properly measure shutters, contact a professional to come to your home, measure every window you’re considering installing shutters on, and you’ll know that once they arrive and are installed that they are the perfect ones.

5. Shape matters.

Especially with exterior shutters, the shape makes a difference. Installing rectangular shutters on arched windows is simply not the right thing to do, but it is becoming the norm because even so-called ‘experienced’ professionals simply don’t understand how the shape of the shutter affects the appearance of the window.

If you have other questions during the early stages of your search for interior or exterior window shutters, contact Canada Custom Shutters.

The History of Exterior Shutters and Why Today’s Still Matter

exteriorIt used to be that exterior shutters were incredibly important for security of homes. Today it’s easy to take this part of a home for granted. Exterior shutters are, for the most part, not functional but they can do a great deal to improve curb appeal.

Window shutters are complex in their own right and if exterior shutters are not hung properly, they could affect not only the way they look but also the entire curb appeal of the home.

Exterior shutters were most commonly used as a way to secure the home or building, to add privacy, and to also improve insulation during winter weather. The shutters could also block out the sun which helped keep a home from heating up too much in warmer climates. Louvered shutters were developed over time that allowed outside air to filter into the home while also blocking out the sun on those hot summer days.

Earliest shutters were used in place of glass windows as most homes didn’t have glass until only a few centuries ago. Most of these exterior shutters were either single board or board and batten shutters (which are basically vertical slat shutters). Fixed louvered shutters began to increase in popularity in the second part of the 18th century.

Why do exterior shutters matter today?

If you drive around Toronto or any of the surrounding areas, pay attention to the way homes look, both those that have exterior shutters and those that don’t have anything surrounding the windows. Most often you will notice the houses that have some type of exterior shutter will present a more fixed and finished look as opposed to those that do not.

Consider the molding that exist throughout the interior portion of your home. What would it look like without that molding there? Most people would agree that it wouldn’t appear finished off.

The type of shutters you have installed on the outside of your house will depend on your personal preferences, the style of home you have, and what look you’re aiming for. The best advice would to be to find an experienced expert who knows all about shutters to help you go through all of your options. That experienced company would be Canada Custom Shutters.

Simple Exterior Shutter Repair Strategies You Can Do, even during the Middle of Winter

repairs you can do in the winterWinter is usually not the time of year when people think about working on the exterior of their house. You can’t paint the exterior part of the house during winter because the temperature is not warm enough for the paint to properly adhere to the surface. If you try to paint during the winter time, you would likely have nothing but a drippy mess all over your house.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain projects you could take care of on those relatively warmer days.

You may have older, worn out exterior shutters that require a significant amount of attention to get them back in great shape and looking the way they were designed originally.

Below are a few simple strategies you could use to help improve the look and appearance of your exterior shutters. You can do this when it’s warmer out and when it’s safe to place a ladder on the ground.

1. Walk around and analyze the condition of each exterior shutter.

This is the best way for you to take honest stock about what your exterior shutters look like. Take a pad of paper with you and write down any notes regarding issues with various shutters. You could do well to develop a numbering system to easily identify each shutter and where it is located on the house.

Take note of any warped, cracked, or missing slats. Focus on rust on any hardware components that may be there. If the exterior shutters are pulled away from the house itself, make note of this as well.

2. Take down one shutter at a time to work on it.

If you try to take down all of the shutters that need work at the same time, you’ll probably put them in the garage, basement, or other work area. This could lead to confusion about where they go back up and it’s far too easy then to neglect the work that needs to be done.

Instead, only work on one shutter at a time. Take down that shutter, repair it, and then replace it. That way you can deal with any impending winter weather or drop in temperature as it comes without getting too far behind.

3. Replace any old hardware, restore and paint the shutters.

When you have the shutters down, do the work in a warmer room or environment. This will allow you to sand down, repaint, and replace the hardware on them.

When done, you can reinstall the exterior shutter to the house and then move onto the next one.

Yes, Color Matters for Exterior Wood Shutters

color for shuttersWhen you set out to purchase new exterior wood shutters for your Toronto home, you may not think that it’s necessary to be overly concerned about their color. After all, most shutters you see will probably be black, but they could be a burgundy, white, or other basic color.

That’s because the majority of homeowners simply don’t place too much value on the color of these exterior shutters. If you have been thinking that this isn’t a major concern for you, either, consider this: do you really care about the color of your house?

Siding, Painting, and More

Most homeowner’s will take their time figuring out exactly what color they want their house to be, whether they are choosing siding, having it repainted, or considering shakes or other types of exterior covering.

Consider the last time you were looking at having your home re-sided or painted. You probably didn’t just choose whatever the most basic color was. Even if you painted your house white, the trim was something that brings it all together.

It complements the color of your house. That’s precisely what exterior shutters are … the trim.

Take some time to consider what color your house is right now. Maybe it’s a subtle white, pale blue, or other color. Perhaps your home is natural wood, log cabin, or has cedar shake shingles. The color of those exterior shutters is going to make a significant difference in how the entire home looks.

You can review samples of what the color of exterior shutters can do to the appearance of your home by sitting down with an expert and looking through samples. You’ll be glad that you took the time to consider these options when you finally have them installed on your house.

There’s No Need to Wait Until Spring for Exterior Shutters

exterior shuttersAny work that you plan to have done on the outside of your house may seem like a warmer weather project. That’s certainly true of some of them, such as painting. If you plan on repainting the exterior of your home, you will definitely need to wait until summer.

If you’re looking at adding exterior shutters to your home or even replacing old, worn out, beaten down looking ones with new, wood shutters, you don’t actually have to wait for the weather to turn warm. You can get that done now.

Winter doesn’t affect exterior shutter work like it does painting.

Paint has to be applied when the surface and air temperature are above a certain mark. If you had your home painted during winter, you would expect a lot of blotching, dripping, and just a plain old mess. In other words, it would look like a disaster.

When adding new exterior shutters or replacing the old, vinyl ones the previous owner thought looked so great, it’s just a matter of installing hardware and securing them to the exterior portion of the house. Sure, it would be cold for the installers, but when you drive around heading to work, to the store, or just out for the afternoon, you’ll likely see a lot of people working outside. It’s part of the world and just because the snow is falling with the temperatures, that doesn’t mean you can’t have certain jobs done during this time of the year.

This is actually a great time of the year to look into interior and exterior shutters. With fewer people looking (because they’re not thinking about it), you won’t have to worry about scheduling the install and you may be able to find some great deals.

So if you’ve been thinking about installing exterior shutters on your home or you’ve thought about how interior shutters might look, visit Canada Custom Shutters. Inside the weather’s always great!


Functional Exterior Shutters Are Not Ideal in Toronto

color for shuttersShopping for exterior shutters for your Toronto home will expose you to numerous options. One of the primary things people ask when looking into this home improvement project is whether functional exterior shutters are a good idea or not.

For the most part, exterior shutters are more about design than function. Improving the curb appeal of your house is going to happen when you add some type of exterior shutters to your home.

If you drive around your neighborhood, pay attention to how a house looks when it has shutters complementing the windows of each room. Then note any homes that do not have exterior shutters and see how it impresses you.

Most people agree that exterior shutters add depth and character to a home.

When you’re talking about functional exterior shutters, these were extremely popular during the 18th and 19th centuries because of their ability to add insulation to the home. When exterior shutters were drawn closed, it helped to protect against wind, rain, and even some degrees of cold outside.

Today, with modern energy efficient windows, it is not necessary for exterior shutters to be closed over them to protect from the rain, wind, and cold air.

It is also not really that practical to have functional exterior shutters. In order to open or close them, you would have to open the window first and many of today’s windows have screens, especially double hung windows which are the most popular style throughout Toronto homes.

While you may find some exterior shutters that are functional, you need to figure out whether you would ever use them in a practical sense. Some people believe that they can protect their home during serious storms in the summer, but odds are those exterior shutters are not going to be much of a match for a storm strong enough to do damage to the side of your house.

An Overview of Exterior Shutters

color for shuttersIf you’re in the market for exterior shutters, you’re going to find numerous places where you could purchase them. Whether you purchase from an experienced company like Canada Custom Shutters or a discount retailer, make sure you understand the various options with regard to this potential home improvement project.

Notice the use of the word potential. That’s because, like so many other home improvement projects, the wrong products might not make much of improvement at all. While even the cheapest of exterior shutters will certainly change the appearance of your home, that doesn’t mean they will improve it.

The more you understand why homeowners throughout Toronto still enjoy exterior shutters, even though they are not functional (in most cases), the easier it will be for you to make the right decision regarding your home and family.

The Evolution of Exterior Shutters

Shutters have been around for thousands of years, since ancient Greek times, actually. The more modern wood shutters were made popular throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries as a way for homeowners to protect against inclement weather, the cold, and even to block out direct sunlight during summer.

Some communities throughout the Southern part of the United States still rely on exterior shutters to some degree to help protect against major storms, such as hurricanes and tornadoes (though they will do nothing to actually protect against a direct strike from the latter).

Today, shutters accent a window, but it depends on the type of shutter that is chosen. The popular materials for exterior shutters are wood and vinyl. Wood is more traditional and can add a significant amount of value to a home while vinyl shutters may be made to look like wood shutters, they don’t add any value, other than aesthetic.

Most exterior shutters are going to be fixed, meaning they are non-functional. Interior shutters are commonly functional (able to be opened and closed) and can have a significant impact on the look and feel of any room inside the home.

The color of the exterior shutter is important. It should complement the color of the house. For example, black or dark shutters would be an ideal complement to a white painted or sided house.

Exterior shutters border windows and add an important accessory to the home. It’s akin to wearing jewelry, nice shoes, or a stylish hat with your favorite hat. Now that you know a bit more about exterior shutters, you can make the right decision for your home and family.