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Louvered Doors: the Ingenious Space Saver

Louvered Doors ClosetMany homeowners move into their new houses and think that they have an unlimited amount of space. Especially if they are coming from a small apartment or smaller house, something larger will almost invariably appear as though you’re never going to fill all that space up. Then one day you stop and look around and realize that you just don’t have the kind of space you thought you did.

Louvered doors can help with that situation. Louvered doors are lightweight shutter-style doors and they can do a lot to help create more storage space in a variety of situations.

If you have a room that you plan to -or have- split into two purposes, such as a den and office area together, it can be difficult to separate the two spaces. You may consider building a wall between the two, but that type of home renovation is too much to take on.

Using a series of louvered doors, sort of in the style of a screen, this can isolate one section of the room, providing a bit of privacy but also creating the illusion of having more rooms and space.

You may also have a lot of items or boxes that you don’t want to store in the damp basement. These might be stacked along the wall in one of the bedrooms. Using louvered doors can close these in and create a makeshift closet area. Suddenly you’re not having to stare at all of those boxes any longer and that can be a positive benefit.

You can even use wood shutters to create closet space where you have cubbies or other open shelf systems installed in the walls. By using shutters, you end up hiding what’s being stored inside, which is ideal for things that are not visually appealing.

There are so many things that you can do with louvered doors and wood shutters that can take a simple storage issue or room dilemma and convert it into comfortable working or living space.

Using Louvered Doors as Room Dividers

IMG_7401There are many reasons why someone might want to take a larger room and section off some space. You may have a large second or third bedroom that isn’t needed for sleep and want to create a combination office and entertainment center. Or you may find that you have enough room to have an office in part of your bedroom, but you don’t want to see the office from your bed.

No matter what kind of room you have or what you’re planning to do with a portion of it, using a room divider is an affordable option to help you create new spaces within them.

Louvered doors provide you with a great opportunity to build the ideal room space that you want without having to incur the expense of building a separate, permanent wall.

How to Use Louvered Doors are Room Dividers

While louvered doors are not going to reach from the floor to the ceiling, that means you will need to secure them in a safe and effective manner. You could attach a bracket or buttress to the ceiling to which you connect the louvered doors, but this ends up being a more permanent solution.

You could also use the louvered doors as a screen. Use hinges on a series of louvered doors (such as 3 or more) and then place those louvered doors along the portion of the room that you want to divide, angled so that the doors stand upright on their own.

You could also connect a series of louvered doors end to end with a 90-degree angle, creating a portioned wall that will stand upright on its own.

Remember that louvered doors will offer some privacy, but they’re not designed to create a completely isolated room.

If the idea of partitioning off a room using louvered doors appeals to you, contact Canada Custom Shutters to see some more brilliant ideas that can have your room looking like a new living space.

Three Great Ideas for Louvered Doors

louvered-door-mainIf you have old louvered doors that you’re replacing or that you’ve discovered hiding in the basement, tucked behind some boxes, and you’re wondering if there’s anything you could do to reuse them, there are. In fact, there are tons of ideas that you could rely on that would completely transform those louvered doors and, in the process, improve your living space.

Below are three ideas that just about any homeowner who is handy with some tools and paint can do with louvered doors.

1. The DIY kitchen organizer. If you have a kitchen that is tight on space and you’re long on cooking ideas, make things a bit easier to work around by hanging some of your commonly used utensils on louvered doors. The slats within these doors make it easy and convenient to hang various items.

You could rely on standard plastic hooks that you might use to hang clothing on your bedroom door, for example, or simply ‘S’ hooks to hang your spatula, measuring spoons, hand towel, grater, tongs, and much more.

2. Magazine rack. If you’re like many other Toronto residents, then you have a number of magazines that come to your home. Usually you might keep them in a magazine rack next to your recliner or under the coffee table in the living room.

Over time, they become clutter. It becomes difficult to determine what you have there, so then you don’t read them any longer, even the ones you enjoy most. Using the slats on louvered doors as dividers, you can have a wall-mounted magazine rack.

3. Hang Pictures and frames. Using a series of louvered doors, you could hang these on a wall, painting them in a rustic color or style, and then use the slats as a way to easily and conveniently hang picture frames. You wouldn’t even need to use any other picture hanging hardware if you had frames with the extendable arms designed to prop them up on a table, shelf, or mantle.

These are just a couple of great ideas that you could use to repurpose louvered doors.

The Benefits of Interior Sliding Doors

IMG_7401Sliding doors and pocket doors are similar but not the same thing. Pocket doors slide into the wall to be completely hidden while sliding doors simply slide across each other and are typically seen on bedroom closets. There are many other places sliding doors can be used to have an impact in your home.
Interior sliding doors offer more open space than traditional doors and are convenient at the same time. Sliding doors come in different types and designs. They can be customized to match any manner of interior design.

Types and Designs of Sliding Doors

You can have your sliding doors custom made or you can choose from pre-made models. Here are some of the options you can consider for your door design:

Louvered sliding doors are by far the most popular. They are made of wood and provide warmth, privacy, and air circulation throughout your home. They are made from various woods like beach wood, walnut, cherry, and traditional oak.

Sliding glass doors are traditionally used for patios and they give your home a stylish and inviting look. They come in different colors and designs that positively complement your room. The glass can be plain and simple or etched with a design. These doors are mostly transparent with shades of white and cool blue. They are glazed and treated for added UV protection.

Mirror sliding doors are making a small comeback. The reason for this resurgences is mainly for the perceived space they add to a room. They are handy as closet doors as they also serve as a full-length mirror when getting ready for work.

Sliding screen doors, much like glass doors, are usually reserved for the patio. They are wonderful in the summer as they allow cool breezes to filter in while keeping bugs and some heat out. They are durable but should be taken down and stored before the onset of winter.

Benefits of Sliding Doors

– Sliding doors create the illusion of more space, which in turn opens up your room and adds to your comfort.
– They are contemporary and provide function as well as form.
– They are generally easy to clean.
– High quality door tracks mean quiet opening and closing.

Why Buy Louvered Doors?

louvered-650Creating your ideal interior space depends on many different elements coming together to form a uniform style. All too often we forfeit function for form and end up with an aesthetically pleasing interior space that isn’t as usable as it should be. However, it is possible to style and design these areas in such a manner that they look stunning without losing their functionality. It can be avoided with proper planning and purchase decisions.

In just about any space louvered doors are a perfect fit. One of the toughest aspects of designing a space is keeping it open and maintaining a natural flow. With louvered doors you have fewer barriers to worry about. These doors were typically only seen in bi-fold styled closet shutters, but are now being used in numerous other applications because they lend so much to a room.

One of the best reasons to use these doors is the remarkable improvement in ventilation they provide. Another is that they work as accent pieces in their own right. They are much more than a door; here is more of what sets them apart:

They are perfect for small or cramped spaces. The louvers can be either movable or fixed and they can be mounted on existing doorframes as well as in sliding frames. Similar to other bi-folding doors, these louvered doors are easy to operate. It is possible to use them in very scrunched-up spaces because they won’t block the traffic.

Airflow and good ventilation are important in every home. By virtue of their design, these vented or slatted doors provide excellent airflow, no matter where they are fitted. They could be covering a large closet or be an entry to a bathroom. The one outstanding point about these doors is that they allow the flow of cool and warm air between rooms even when they are shut. They are excellent as closet shutters and the air inside never gets stale. Your clothes, linen and toiletry will always smell fresh and new.

You get all of these benefits plus as much privacy as you need. The angular placement of the louvers gives you with the privacy you need without hampering the airflow into and out of the room. In addition to this they are visually appealing and can be as formal or informal as you want them to be. Broader slats will add a very casual look while the slimmer ones look more elegant and formal.