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Not Sure about Interior Wood Shutters? Try Them in One Room First

Not Sure about Interior Wood ShuttersIf you’ve been considering installing interior wood shutters in your home, you may have certain questions about this home improvement project. For many homeowners this is a significant investment.

It’s not quite on the same level as replacing the windows or doors, but you could spend several hundred dollars for wood shutters over each window or window area.

Even though you might have seen a gallery of pictures that show how great interior shutters can look in many homes, you might have certain questions about the impact they could have in your home. If that’s the case, you can certainly consider purchasing shutters for one specific room, having them installed, and seeing if they truly do offer you the same appeal as those professional pictures in portfolios, flyers, or booklets.

One concern to consider.

If you consider the option of first seeing how interior wood shutters may be once installed in your home, keep in mind that it might increase the overall investment you have to make if you ultimately decide to have shutters installed in the rest of your house. Having shutters installed throughout your house at one time is going to cost less because the installation expert will only need to come out to your home once to do them all.

It’s important to be sure that you’re making the right decision for your home, your family, and your budget. If, after all of your searching, discussions with your family, and careful consideration you still aren’t completely positive that interior wood shutters are ideal for your home, then consider having them installed in just one room for a while. In most cases you will realize incredible benefits they offer.

3 Important Advantages of Wood Shutters over Vinyl

reasons-to-choose-woodWhen shopping for shutters, whether they are interior or exterior, you’re going to be met with a number of options from which to choose. The most obvious will be having to decide between wood shutters and vinyl or other synthetic materials.

There are a few advantages to choosing vinyl shutters, also known as faux wood shutters, and they mostly have to do with price. If you’re looking to save as much money as possible and you’re only really interested in shutters because they are commonly used on the exterior of homes, then you should choose a cheap vinyl shutter. They’ll offer you the best cost savings.

However, if you want your home’s shutters to help make it more comfortable and better looking, then it’s a good time to talk about the main advantages of wood shutters.

A Rich, Textured Appearance

Natural wood shutters have a texture to them that vinyl simply can’t replicate. There’s a good reason why so many plastic or other synthetic shutters rely on molds that emulate the grain of natural wood. These manufacturers know that wood is appealing to most homeowners.

So why bother looking at cheap imitations of wood when you can have the natural thing? Natural wood simply looks different and more refined when it’s in your home.


With natural wood shutters, you will have a bit more versatility. You can paint your wood shutters any color that you want and you can also strip them down and repaint them a different color if you want.

Most vinyl shutters are not meant to be painted over and if you do, they just won’t look quite right as a result.


Wood lasts much longer than vinyl. While it’s easy to assume that synthetics endure the ravages of time better, when it comes to shutters, nothing beats wood.

If you’re interested in learning more about wood shutters and why they are simply the better option compared to vinyl, contact Canada Custom Shutters.

Innovative Ideas for Your Old Wood Shutters

reclaim-wood-shuttersWhen you are removing your old wood shutters to replace them with new shutters, don’t immediately throw them out. There are actually quite a few things that you can do with old wood shutters that can be quite unique, or that could benefit someone you know.

Repurposing old wood shutters is one of the best ways to take care of your environment and the world around you. It’s also a great way to save money and even have some unique items in your home.

Sand down those old wood shutters, repaint them, and donate them to a friend or family member. Even though you preferred to replace your old wood shutters with new ones, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the old shutters are hopeless.

If you enjoy working with tools and taking on small home improvement projects, and you know a friend or family member who would love to have wood shutters but couldn’t afford them (or couldn’t justify the expense), you should strip the old paint down, sand them smooth, and then repaint them before giving them to your friend or loved one. This could be a great gift idea they would always appreciate.

Unique headboards.

You can take your old wood shutters and refinish them with a rustic color, such as grey or brown, and have them positioned over the head of your bed. This can make an interesting and unique headboard that could potentially transform your bedroom.


Taking old wood shutters, gluing and securing them in a square, and having a base inset in the square, you could create some unique outdoor planters.


In the same vein as what you would do with planters, you can create some nice, unique end tables, or even coffee tables using your old wood shutters. The side slats would provide a completely original style that would be ideally suited for the rustic, classic farm look in your home.

There are nearly endless ideas for what you could do with your old wood shutters. All it takes is a bit of imagination, some elbow grease, and a little sense of adventure.

When you’re replacing your old wood shutters, don’t just throw them out; reuse them. If you have a different idea for what to do with them, share that with others who are looking for some great ideas, too.

Custom Shaped Window Shutters

Interior Shutters TorontoIf you have uniquely shaped windows or windows with certain latches or security features, you will probably not find pre-made shutters to fit them. In this case, you will need custom-made shutters designed to fit these odd shapes. Custom Shaped Plantation Shutters can be manufactured to fit almost any shape of window such as arches, apexes, triangles, hexagons, and even round windows without losing any of the effect of the window. There are many options available that allow for the shutters to be fully opened.

All Canada Custom Shutters are crafted by hand from the finest quality materials using professional carpentry techniques. By concentrating on these fundamentals, Canada Custom Shutters produces high quality shutters that will last a lifetime. Custom shaped shutters require the attention of our most experienced and skilled craftsman. Whether you have triangle windows, oval windows, or arch top windows, our artisans welcome the challenge of mastering even the most unique designs for your windows.

Canada Custom Shutters will create any shutter design you can imagine. So don’t think you have to leave your non-traditional windows bare – each custom shaped shutter we produce is individually designed and meticulously crafted to the perfect proportions for your windows’ shape and size. Our attention to detail means the custom work you receive will be a beautiful, functional complement to your window and interior decor.

We are able to add complements to shutters and doors as well. Your imagination is truly the limit on the work we can produce together. Please take a look at our Custom Shapes Gallery to see the many styles and designs we are able to produce, and then give us a call to set up a free in-home consultation. We will measure your windows, assess the shapes, and give you a free quote.

We are located in Ontario and service all of the following areas:

– Toronto
– Missisauga
– Niagara
– Oakville
– Ottawa
– Collingwood
– Lake Rosso
– Huronia’s
– Ajax
– Ballentrea
– Thornhill
– Sarasota
– Bradenton
– Siesta Key
– S. Ontario
– Montréal
– Québec City
– Vancouver
– Whistler

Interior Shutters Are More Beneficial Than Window Treatments

shutters pic 086Usually used more for decorative purposes, interior shutters provide functional benefits as well as style. While exterior shutters are used to protect your home from weather on the outside, interior shutters can be purely ornamental or provide some control over air flow, light, and privacy. There are several different types of interior window shutters available, each of which offers a different look and functionality.

The most common type of interior shutter is the louvered style. These provide more functional benefits than the other types, as they are movable. Since they are movable you can position the louvers for best control of airflow, direction of light, and privacy. Fixed louvered shutters are purely decorative only and when closed, block most of the airflow and light and cannot be controlled.

A plantation shutter is a type of louvered shutter. These have wider louvers than the standard size so they allow greater air flow. Plantation shutters are very popular in all climates for the breezy look they bring to your home.

Before central heating was standard in most homes interior paneled shutters were the traditional choice. Their main purpose was to trap heat and block drafts. Generally speaking, they offer little control over light and airflow and these days offer a purely decorative old-style look.

Bahama shutters (also called Bermuda) are commonly used in hot climates to block strong sunlight to keep homes cool. Bahama style shutters used to be more commonly used as exterior shutters but are increasingly being installed inside for their unique decorative qualities that bring to mind coastal and hot weather locations, especially in colder climates that require stronger exterior protection from the elements. These shutters hinge from the top of the window and pull away from the bottom. This allows them to keep the sun at bay while allowing cooling breezes to pass through the window.

You can get interior shutters even if you have odd or unique window shapes – circular, irregular, or custom. The shutters will need to be custom built to fit your windows, but they will provide some light and air control. All window shutters offer at least some control over light and air flow. The ability to keep out the hot sun, or let a cool breeze flow through, will have a tremendous effect on your energy usage as well. As people continue to be more and more energy efficient, the old ways of doing things like blocking the sun and keeping cold drafts at bay are coming back into fashion.

How Wood Shutters Are Made & Installed

Custom Wood ShuttersThe basic unit of every shutter is the panel. A panel is made up of blades (also known as louvres). The blades are held in place by the top and bottom rails and side stiles connected by a metal strip – semi-concealed tilt rod. The metal strip controls uniform movement of the blades and gives an uninterrupted view through the blades when they are open.

Custom shutters are the best choice for a beautiful and enduring shutter, because every part is measured and specially made to within a millimeter fit for each individual window, a truly detailed product. The result is an attractively proportioned shutter with good insulation and long-term value.

Custom Wood ShuttersYour window will be measured and each and every piece of the your custom shutters will be cut and put together by hand. The shutters are stained or painted to specifications, depending on the requirements of the customer and the pieces are glued securely together, creating exquisite wood shutters that you will be proud to show off in your home.

Shutters are installed with fittings so they can be opened and shut easily. Depending on the way the shutter is to work, these will be one or a combination of the following:

  • Hinged
  • Sliding
  • Bi-folding
  • Tracked bifold

The quality of these fittings is very important if you want years of trouble free use. There’s no substitute for handmade craftsmanship that you get when you have wood shutters custom made to fit your home. Call Canada Custom today or fill out our on-site form for a free quote.

Will Hurricane Shutter Really Protect My Windows?

exterior-mainThe short is answer is yes. If you live in a hurricane-prone region, covers for windows are an excellent investment for protection of life and property. Shutters are not the only way to protect your home from hurricane damage. Most people choose hurricane shutters because they are a more affordable alternative to impact windows. What’s nice is they add value and curb appeal to homes as well as being a functional addition.

The importance of protecting your windows is not just so they don’t break. Once the wind gets into your home, water damage and the loss of a roof can soon follow. The shutters protect the windows and the windows protect your interior and overall house structure. Colonial style hurricane shutters look much nicer than the rollaway shutters, and there are those who believe that if you’re going to put shutters on your house, make them look like they work. So why not go all the way and offer shutters that are both decorative and functional?

There are some myths associated with windows that a lot of people believe. Taping your windows during a bad storm will not prevent them from breaking. The tape adds such a miniscule amount of strength to the window. Plastic film will also not prevent breakage. It will help keep broken glass out of your house if the window breaks but it’s much smarter to avoid the breakage to begin with.

When you’re deciding what type of exterior shutters to use, functional shutters are the best bet. They look as nice, if not nicer, than decorative shutters and they add invaluable protection. If you’re in a hurricane-prone area, having hurricane shutters may also lower your home insurance costs.

The best time to have shutters installed is when your house is built so that they can be part of the design. If you already have a home without shutters, then get them installed as soon as it is practical to do so. If they are permanently in place on your home, then practice closing them once a year before hurricane season to make sure everything is in place and in working order.

Why Choose Real Wood Shutters

slide333Real wood shutters are the best for authenticity. It can be tempting to opt for fake wood, and you can save some money, but you will likely end up regretting it. Cheaper wood styles may look “okay” for a brief time, but they don’t offer the depth, richness or durability that real wood does. Not to mention, faux wood styles are traditionally made and sold in bulk with poor craftsmanship.

Little additions or home improvement ideas also enhance the value of the house in many ways. Wood shutters promise a classic touch that is timeless and does not readily fade. And real wood complements a space in a way that a cheap imposter can’t.

Real wood is rich and offers warmth to a space. Also, there are no size constraints, so they can often be made for an awkward window. The vinyl ones cannot be opened or closed, they are fixed to the house. Wooden shutters do a good job of protecting your home from the external elements as well, be it weather or inquisitive neighbors.

Wood shutters do require more care than synthetic. They need to be repainted and re-stained on a regular basis to help keep them looking like new and to preserve their longevity. This is a small price to pay for the beauty they will add to your home.

Canada Custom Shutters has over 35 styles of exterior shutter available. All of our shutters come with a lifetime warranty and we are happy to provide a free in-home consultation to you. . Call us today and save up to 40%: 1-905-953-0801 .

10 Reasons to Choose Wood Shutters

There are plenty of reasons to choose wood shutters over any other kind of window covering or dressing, and it’s a good idea to understand a few of them before making any decision.

  1. Natural appeal. Wood shutters provide a natural appeal and contrast to any room in your home.
  2. Traditional look. Wood shutters have been used for centuries, both indoors and outdoors and that gives them a traditional appearance that you won’t find with any other kind of window décor, including drapes, curtains, or blinds.
  3. Authentic. Most homes are made of wood and wood shutters provide an authentic feel to any room in your house. If you have hardwood floors, wood shutters is the best complement for them.
  4. Cost efficient. While most wood shutters may cost more than traditional coverings such as drapes and curtains, they are more effective as insulating your home against the cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer. This efficiency will save you money on heating and cooling bills over time.
  5. More privacy. Wood shutters provide better privacy than other window coverings. When closed, no one can see into your home.
  6. Blocks more natural sunlight. During the summer, you want to block more direct sunlight from getting into your home. This helps keep your home cooler and saves money as well. Wood shutters block more natural sunlight than vinyl or other types of window dressings.
  7. Durable. Wood shutters are built to stand the test of time. They will last longer than any other product that you could place over your windows.
  8. Easy to maintain. Cleaning wood shutters is as simple as wiping the panels on a regular basis. No more wrestling with the vacuum to clean curtains and no more struggling with clumsy blinds.
  9. More opulence. If you want your home to have a more elegant and opulence feel, wood shutters are the ideal solution.
  10. Increase the value of your home. Wood shutters will become a natural part of your home and will also increase the aesthetic and ultimately financial appeal of your home.

If these 10 reasons to choose wood shutters aren’t enough to help you decide, call Canada Custom Shutters and discuss the wonderful options that are available in shutters for your home.

Wood Shutters vs Vinyl

Which is Better for Your Home – Wood Versus Vinyl Shutters?

As technology has changed and vinyl has become a cheaper way to have the look of natural wood, it’s been easier to get caught up in saving money, but are vinyl shutters the right choice for your home? If we’re going to be honest here, then yes, wood shutters are likely going to be more expensive than vinyl. However, there is an adage that stands true in that ‘You get what you pay for.’

Vinyl ultimately has a particular sheen to it, a texture that gives it away as being anything but wood, whether you use them for outdoors or inside your home. They also are limited in the color or stains that you can add to them.

Wood shutters, on the other hand, offer an elegant, natural décor for your home. They can be stained or painted in a variety of colors and can be custom made to fit any window size and style. Wood shutters have a unique look and feel that neither vinyl or any other form can match.

Using high quality wood, you can create an incredible atmosphere in your home and enjoy the natural fragrance that only wood can deliver. Accentuate a natural hardwood floor or ornate wood furniture with wood shutters.

On the outside, wood shutters will weather the seasons better than vinyl. One of the major selling points for vinyl shutters is that wood will peel or rot, but that is simply a fallacy. Vinyl shutters will warp in direct sunlight over time and any paint added to them generally peels within a few years. Wood shutters are durable and built to last.

Your home is your castle and as such, it deserves the best that you can provide. The best when it comes to shutters is wood. There is no substitute for a natural look and feel when it comes to your home. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, and easy to care for, wood shutters are far superior to cheap vinyl anytime of the year.