New homes and new condominium structures with large floor to ceiling windows are a perfect spot to consider our 4½” Oceanview shutters, as they will allow you to keep your stunning view of the city and add the light control you need. Oceanview shutters take big louvers to the next level incorporating clean sleek lines to create a modern masterpiece that can fold or slide for cleaning or easy access to the patio.

Protect Your Home with Oceanview Shutters

Oceanview shutters are more commonly referred to as hurricane shutters. While you may think that you have no use for hurricane shutters in Canada, these interior shutters can actually provide an aesthetic quality to your home that you won’t find in other window coverings, such as curtains, drapes, or blinds.

Oceanview shutters are built to withstand strong winds from the outside of your home. While many hurricane shutters affix to the outside of the home, those that are on the interior, such as the Oceanview shutters, are designed to be strong as well as appealing as a design feature.

Simple to Use and Cost Effective

Like other interior shutters, Oceanview shutters are simple to use. Simple flip the slats up or down when you wish to have more light, or open and close them to expose the window in full bloom. With Oceanview shutters, you will be able to keep more of the cold air out in the winter with the shutters closed and block the strong sun’s heat from penetrating your home in the summer.

Oceanview shutters come in a variety of sizes and can be painted to any color to match your interior design palette.

If you want a strong, elegant alternative to traditional interior window coverings, Oceanview shutters will enhance your home, providing a airy and open feel any time of day or night.

How to Measure for Shutters

How to Measure for Shutters

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Video: House & Home Magazine

Video: House & Home Magazine

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