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Lovered Doors Toronto

Lovered Doors Toronto

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Breathe New Life into Your Home with Louvered Doors

One thing that almost every room has is at least one door. Yet with all of our interior design efforts, we spend little time or energy on those doors. They exist and serve an important function. But what if you could create depth, open air flow, and offer a subtle difference in your home’s design all with the simple addition of louvered doors?

Louvered doors are doors that have horizontal slats in them that can either open and close or remain fixed. Louvered doors are a popular replacement for standard closet doors but can be used as partition doors or simple dividers.

Spruce Up Your Home

Traditional closet doors tend to be bland and dull. A louvered door can not only create the sensation of the main bedroom being more open, it can also allow air to move more freely through the closet, helping you avoid the musty or stale odors that can be associated with closets,

What about as a partition? If space is limited in your home, louvered doors can be used to provide an extra level of privacy if needed. You can add louvered partition doors to any room such as a den to create a small corner office.

Louvered Doors Provide a Variety of Options to Choose From

You can use louvered doors to help ventilate certain areas of your home, to add a small amount of privacy to otherwise open space, or as room dividers. Instead of considering hanging curtains over unsightly closet doors or in door frames that no longer hold any doors, consider louvered doors. They are easy to install and can slide open, making it a great option for tight spaces.



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