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Spring is Here and Cleaning those Exterior Shutters Shouldn’t Wait

Spring is Here and Cleaning those Exterior Shutters Shouldn’t WaitSpring has finally arrived and that means many Toronto area homeowners are going to be throwing open the doors, opening the windows, and getting ready for a thorough spring cleaning. Even though the snow may still be on the ground, or maybe it has melted by now, thinking about cleaning the interior portion of the house is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to think along the outside.

Depending on the type of house, its location, and many other factors, including the climate during this past winter, dirt, dust, grime, and even mold and mildew can form along the exterior portion of the house. This is especially true when you’re talking about the northern facing portion of the house.

Many homeowners don’t clean the exterior part of their house in the later summer or autumn months. They are more likely getting ready for the winter season ahead and all of that dust and dirt and grime that built up through the spring and summer months, including moss, mold, and potentially even mildew on areas that don’t get direct sunlight, can affect the appearance and integrity of the house itself.

That’s true of exterior wood shutters as well. Even vinyl shutters can be exposed to potential damage over time.

Putting off cleaning the exterior part of the house until the weather turns warmer, especially if it’s going to require a hose or even a pressure washer may be the first thing a person considers. After all, why not put it off till summer when it won’t matter so much about getting wet?

The longer that any wood, vinyl siding, or other material is exposed to dirt, grime, mildew, mold, moss, or anything else, the more damage can be done to that material.

Cleaning exterior shutters doesn’t have to be completely difficult. Many shutters can remain in place, especially if the homeowner relies on a pressure washing unit. Using high pressure water, it can remove basic dirt and grime, restoring exterior shutters to like new condition, especially if they are not very old to begin with.

3 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Interior Wood Shutters

tips for maintaining shuttersIn order to ensure that your interior wood shutters last as long as possible, you need to maintain them. Maintenance is relatively simple and requires regular cleaning.

Not much is really needed to properly clean interior wood shutters. Most of the time you are not going to require any type of harsh cleaning solutions. Chemicals and other cleansers can actually erode the texture and integrity of the shutters over time. Basically all you need to do is use a wet soft cloth and a little bit of water.

Take the cloth and gently wipe down the panels individually. Hold the shutter panels open so that you can reach each one independently. Do not place any significant pressure on the panels as this can damage the hardware and connection points.

If you haven’t cleaned your interior wood shutters in some time, you can use a mild soap. Make sure that you avoid furniture polish or anything with lemon or lemon oil in it.

It is best to clean your shutters at a time when you can either open the window or have a fan blowing on them so that they dry completely as quickly as possible. Even though they are painted, you don’t want moisture sitting on the shutters for any longer than it has to. Most interior wood shutters that are stained or painted are nonporous at that point, but there is no reason to allow moisture to sit on them longer than necessary.

Once you wipe down the entire surface of the shutter, you can clean it or dry it off with a soft terry cloth towel or rag. For stubborn stains, you may need to use a harsh chemical. If so, check how the chemical will react to the wood on a hidden part of the shutter first. If no damage occurs, then use that to clean off the stain.

How Often You Should Clean Your Shutters

California shutters MontréalKeeping your home clean matters for not only aesthetic purposes, but for your family’s health and also to keep your possessions lasting a long time. Carpets, furniture, and even the frames that house your family photos should be cleaned regularly.

Windows and shutters should also have a basic cleaning schedule to them. Windows should be cleaned thoroughly at least twice per year, though certain windows might need cleaning more often. The glass of those windows should be cleaned at least once per week.

For window shutters, as often as you dust the shelves and other furniture in your home is how often you should clean your shutters.

Once per week for dusting

Shutters, whether they are wood, vinyl, or made of another material, should be dusted regularly. This is due to the fact that most of the dust in your home is actually dead skin cells. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your home sterilized; dusting regularly is important to keep your shutters clean.

Use a damp cloth to dust the shutters. Get in between the slats, both top and bottom. Using a feather duster will only kick the dust into the air and it will settle back onto the shutters, onto other furniture, or even the carpeting in your home before long.

Once per month for more thorough cleaning

You should clean your shutters more thoroughly once per month. This would include soap and water and taking the time to get into all of the nooks and crannies of the shutter.

When you keep up with cleaning these shutters regularly, you’re going to enjoy them for a longer period of time.

You could also choose to have your shutters professionally cleaned every few months to ensure that they maintain their appearance and full functionality. If you want to learn more about how often you should clean shutters, or proper maintenance tips, contact Canada Custom Shutters.