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Benefits of Custom Shutters for Your Toronto Home

custom-wood-shutters-torontoWhether you are interested in interior or exterior shutters for your Toronto home, there are going to be numerous benefits that you can get with them. While shutters were initially designed to help protect homes from inclement weather, they are now used for more aesthetic purposes, though they still have important functions.

Exterior shutters

Exterior shutters for the home today are rarely ever functional. Some are, depending on whether the homeowner plans to use them for extra protection against the cold, heavy winds, or torrential storms. They simply are not practical any longer to protect against the elements.

Windows are much more durable than in previous years where lead based glass was the common composition of windows. Therefore they don’t require as much protection.

Exterior shutters are generally going to be fixed, immobile, and will provide the windows of the house a style of framing, which can enhance the appearance of the home.

Interior shutters

With interior shutters, you can choose fixed ones, but you will miss out on some of the great benefits of these shutters. Interior shutters provide an elegant and refined look to any room in the home. They can be opened and closed to control the amount of sunlight that gets into the home, which can be important during the summer months to control the heat.

They can also be used to control privacy. Unlike curtains, blinds, or draperies that could leave some sections revealed, allowing people to see into portions of the home, shutters, when closed completely, will block out all view inside the room.

If you choose split shutters, you could even open the top portion of the shutters while leaving the bottom portion closed. This would provide you with privacy and light control simultaneously.

Wood shutters cost more than vinyl shutters, but they can also do a lot more to boost the overall value of the home. With so many benefits to interior and exterior shutters, it’s worth considering shutters as a viable option for window dressing and window coverings for Toronto homeowners.

What to Do When Space is Limited for Exterior Shutters

slide4Not every exterior part of your house will be able to accommodate shutters, and if you have been considering adding them to your home, you may be facing a tough situation.

When space is limited, there are some things that you can do. Avoid trying to add a full length shutter to one side of a window and then only a strip on the other side. This will cause the entire window feature to appear off balanced.

Evaluate the entire window and exterior of your home. Determine which windows or which sections of your house would be able to accept full size exterior shutters. Then focus on the windows that have some type of limitation.

This could be due to the shape of the house and a corner that is in the way, a vent that was placed too close to the window, or other features that won’t allow you to affix a regular sized exterior shutter to it.

For those windows that have some space on one side, you can consider installing a half shutter. You may consider adding the full size shutter on the one side of the window that can support it, but only if the short side is next to a corner of the house, or an extension of the house.

For windows that have some object interfering with one side of the frame, consider how this window would look, in contrast to the rest of the house, without exterior shutters. If the absence of shutters here would become too noticeable compared to the rest of the house, then you will need to come up with a reasonable solution. If a small vent for a bathroom or dryer, for example, is in the way, you may want to consider having the shutter cut around it, as long as the vent can still function properly without interference from the shutter.

If you’re looking for more ideas about what you could do when you have limited space for exterior shutters, contact a professional, experienced window shutter company. No matter what situation you’re facing, there’s always a solution.

The Rise of the Plantation Shutter

Plantation Shutters Arched TopsWhen considering window treatments for a home, plantation shutters are extremely popular because of their classic and elegant appearance. They are also very practical as they require little maintenance, protect window glass, and can be adjusted to control a room’s heat and light intake.

Plantation shutters have been around in one form or another for thousands of years; the ancient Greeks used stone shutters in a similar style. The shutters came to the Americas through the Spanish who installed them as they built homes.

Despite their long history, plantation shutters are most recognizable as a decorating staple of the old South. Homeowners would put up these shutters, often painting them white, outside their homes to protect the exterior of their houses. The use of these wide, louvered shutters on plantations gave them the name they are known by today.

In California during the 1950’s, homes were being built with large windows so people could enjoy the beautiful West Coast views. Plantation shutters became popular and were installed indoors so these views would not be obstructed as they would be with traditional shutters or curtains.

Since plantation shutters (or California shutters as they also came to be known) kept the heat from seeping through glass windows and making the home’s inhabitants uncomfortable, use of this window treatment spread to the hot and sunny climates of Arizona, Florida, and other Southern states.

Because so many people were moving to these areas and building homes, the uniform and beautiful look of plantation shutters is a common sight.

They are also highly popular in other parts of North American, too, including the Greater Toronto Area.

Plantation shutters come in virtually any size and can be custom-designed to accommodate a variety of rooms. In bathrooms or other rooms where homeowners want privacy, shutters can be built with a divider rail so the top and bottom of the shutter can be manipulated separately.

Wider shutters tend to work best with large rooms while narrow louvers fit well into smaller rooms, like kitchens or small bedrooms. Plantation shutters can be built from vinyl or a range of woods, like basswood (very popular) or alder. The possibilities for shutters (width, shape, color, material, opening style) are essentially endless and depend wholly upon the wishes of the homeowner.

Custom Shaped Window Shutters

Interior Shutters TorontoIf you have uniquely shaped windows or windows with certain latches or security features, you will probably not find pre-made shutters to fit them. In this case, you will need custom-made shutters designed to fit these odd shapes. Custom Shaped Plantation Shutters can be manufactured to fit almost any shape of window such as arches, apexes, triangles, hexagons, and even round windows without losing any of the effect of the window. There are many options available that allow for the shutters to be fully opened.

All Canada Custom Shutters are crafted by hand from the finest quality materials using professional carpentry techniques. By concentrating on these fundamentals, Canada Custom Shutters produces high quality shutters that will last a lifetime. Custom shaped shutters require the attention of our most experienced and skilled craftsman. Whether you have triangle windows, oval windows, or arch top windows, our artisans welcome the challenge of mastering even the most unique designs for your windows.

Canada Custom Shutters will create any shutter design you can imagine. So don’t think you have to leave your non-traditional windows bare – each custom shaped shutter we produce is individually designed and meticulously crafted to the perfect proportions for your windows’ shape and size. Our attention to detail means the custom work you receive will be a beautiful, functional complement to your window and interior decor.

We are able to add complements to shutters and doors as well. Your imagination is truly the limit on the work we can produce together. Please take a look at our Custom Shapes Gallery to see the many styles and designs we are able to produce, and then give us a call to set up a free in-home consultation. We will measure your windows, assess the shapes, and give you a free quote.

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