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Making Your Home a Main Attraction with Interior and Exterior Shutters

louvered-650If you return home after a long day of work, pull into the driveway, and look at your house and not feel inspired by your home, then you may be considering various home improvement projects. There are many to choose from. The most common involve renovating the kitchen, remodeling the bathroom, and even improving the curb appeal of the house.

When you step into the home, maybe you have nice furniture, a nice layout, good color on the walls, but something isn’t appealing to you. Maybe it’s the old, outdated curtains and other drapery. Maybe it’s the cheap, plastic blinds that are used to ensure privacy and block out the sun on those hot summer days.

There is a great home improvement project you can consider that would make your house and incredible attraction to anybody who came over for a visit, whether it was family, friends, and even neighbors. That project would be installing interior wood shutters.

It’s not just interior shutters, though. It’s also exterior shutters. If you look at your house and notice something missing, the windows look plain with the siding running up to the frame, imagine what it would look like with exterior shutters in place. It’s sort of like an accessory for your home’s decor, both inside and out.

Think about it this way: if you are planning on going out on a nice date with your spouse or significant other, would you simply put on a pair nice slacks and a dress shirt and not worry about anything else? Most men and women would add accessories, including a watch, a tie, and maybe even some nice shoes to go with the ensemble.

Exterior shutters can be just like those accessories for your outfit. Interior shutters offer functionality as well, so dress up your home with the highest quality interior and exterior shutters.

How Much Money Could You Save on Utility Bills with Interior Shutters?

How Much Money Could You Save on Utility Bills with Interior Shutters?A lot of people have a desire to save money on their utility bills as often as possible. It’s one of the reasons why many homeowners throughout Toronto continually upgrade to more energy efficient appliances, including the refrigerator, air conditioning units, dishwasher, washer and dryer, and much more. When you’re looking at improving energy efficiency and cutting back on the type of drafts you may feel through your windows during the winter, you may have heard that interior wood shutters can make a world of difference.

Interior wood shutters will certainly add a layer of insulation to your home over your windows. 40 percent of a home’s heat and cool air is going to be lost through drafty and old, outdated windows and entry doors. The more you can do to help cut back on the drafts, the more you’re going to do to help save yourself money on your heating expenses during winter and cooling expenses during the summer.

How much a particular homeowner should expect to save when they install interior wood shutters in their home is going to depend on a number of factors. First and foremost, it’s going to depend on the ambient temperature the homeowner sets their thermostat. Just a single degree or two differential can cost $100 a year or more on heating expenses.

The size of the house is also going to be important. If it’s a large house and the homeowner keeps the thermostat set high, interior shutters are not likely going to save that much money on those utility bills.

They can certainly save some money during winter, but they can be even more effective during the summer. By controlling the amount of direct sunlight that gets into the home, the homework and cut back on the heat generated from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

To learn more about the impact interior shutters can have on your particular utility bills, contact Canada Custom Shutters today.

Basic Maintenance Tips for Interior Shutters

Basic Maintenance Tips for Interior ShuttersOnce you have gorgeous interior wood shutters installed in your Toronto home, it’s important to realize you can’t just ignore them any longer. You might have gotten into the habit of only taking down curtains or other drapery and cleaning them once a year. Maybe you only wipe down the blinds every month or so, and maybe you only use a light feather duster to do it.

Keeping interior wood shutters in great condition requires regular maintenance and attention to detail. Below are some basic tips to keep in mind for those who have recently had interior shutters installed in their home.

1. Clean them on a weekly basis. Use a damp cloth, not one that is dripping with water, to wipe down each slat of the shutter individually. Not only will this help get any dust and other pollutants off the shutters, it can help moisturize them.

2. Moisturize the outside and inside portion of the shutters regularly. If you have a tendency to keep the shutters closed during the day to block out a significant portion of the sunlight, then that exterior portion of the shutter is going to be drying out much quicker than the interior portion. Make sure you keep these hydrated as much as possible. Again, using a damp cloth to wipe down the wood surface can do a lot to help keep it from cracking and becoming brittle.

3. Address any potential damage or problems with the components. If you notice that the slats are not closing properly, one appears to be off kilter, or the center bar is loose, repair it or have it repaired professionally as soon as possible. Even minor problems can become major ones relatively quickly when they aren’t addressed properly.

Your Floors Could Impact the Type of Interior Wood Shutters to Choose

combination-650Choosing the right interior wood shutters for your Toronto area home may feel like a significant challenge, especially once you realize all of the various options available.

For example, you could choose from regular slat shutters, plantation shutters, split top shutters, paneled shutters, and much more. You also have the option to choose vinyl shutters, if that’s your preference, but the vast majority of homeowners realize there’s a significant difference in the quality and appearance of vinyl and interior wood shutters. Frankly, wood shutters are much better and offer far more benefits with regard to interior decor than anything vinyl or plastic.

When trying to decide what type of shutters you want for your home, the type of windows and even the furniture can have a direct impact on how they might look within your own mind. Another aspect that could impact your choice is a type of flooring you have in each room in your home.

For example, if you have a deep pile Berber carpet in the living room that’s an off white color, you may be more inspired to choose thin slat shutters rather than plantation shutters.

However, if you have a deep cherry wood floor in that same room, you might envision thick slat plantation shutters with a natural stain working out much better.

Relying on an experienced expert to help you choose between various types of shutters for your home can make a world of difference. They can help you see with a wide range of pictures and other images from other homes just what each type of shutter to look for you within your home.

Choose Canada Custom Shutters to see just how the floors can make a world of difference in your home when it comes to interior wood shutters.

Rely on Experience to Help You Determine the Best Interior Shutters for Your Home

style-gallery-thmTrying to determine which interior shutters are ideal for your home may be a challenge, to say the least. You might feel overwhelmed with all of the options available to you and your family.

If a number of people have a significant investment in this decision, it can complicate the situation even more. You may feel that paneled shutters are the right option for the living room while your husband might believe slatted shutters would be a better choice.

Shopping around for any type of interior decor or home improvement project should be a fun experience. Any time it’s no longer fun is the moment when you’re most susceptible to making bad choices for yourself, your family, and your budget.

The best option when you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed by all of the choices available to you is to rely on experience.

The value of experienced professionals.

There are plenty of people who may claim they have a lot of experience when it comes to interior shutters. Depending on whom they work for, that claim could be highly overstated. For example, visiting any of the numerous home improvement superstore’s that sell just about every item you may need for your home, including replacement windows and doors, plumbing, lumber, and much more, may have a selection of decent looking shutters.

The salespeople at these stores likely don’t have much direct experience with shutters other than reading pamphlets about the products they sell.

On the other side of the coin you could have individuals at shutter-only companies. These would be people who sell nothing but interior and exterior shutters to homeowners throughout the Toronto area. These would be people who are immersed in the various options, have experience helping countless homeowners just like yourself find the optimal shutters that they end up thrilled with in the long run.

If you like the idea of relying on an experienced professional who has years of documentable experience with shutters and nothing but shutters, make your first stop Canada Custom Shutters.

Breaking the Bank!

3 tips to keep from breaking the bank3 Tips to Keep You from Busting the Budget When Choosing Shutters for Your Home

You’ve made an important decision to look into interior wood shutters for your home. Now you just want to make sure you don’t break the bank in the process.

We have put together three tips that can help you not only get the perfect shutters for your home, but also avoid overspending or choosing the wrong shutters because you tried to save as much money as possible.

1. Look at all of your options first.

The more you know about various interior and exterior shutters, the more likely you’ll be able to make the best decision for your home and family. Interior wood shutters are far better than any type of a final or other material type of shutters. They also happen to be more expensive, on average.

As long as you know all of the options that are available to you, then you’ll be in a better position to make the right decision for your particular needs.

2. Establish a reasonable budget.

If you go to purchase interior shutters for your entire home without a budget in mind, you could easily spend far more than you would be comfortable usually. You may also be tempted to just go with the cheapest possible shutters you can find.

If you take the time to sit down and figure out what you are comfortable spending on this home improvement project, it will make it easier for you to now or your focus on a few options.

3. Be upfront and honest with the salesperson.

Depending on where you go for your shutters, a salesperson could hear your budget, guide you to cheap products and then try to upsell you way past year comfort zone, giving you a long runaround of why this is a good decision, and if that happens you should run the other way.

Go to a company that will respect your budget and answer any and all questions you have related to interior shutters. Avoid the hassles and risks and instead choose Canada Custom Shutters.

Before Replacing the Furniture in Your Living Room, Consider Plantation Shutters

before you change your furniture consider plantation shuttersIf you are like a number of Toronto area homeowners and have been thinking about replacing the furniture in your living room because you’re bored with the old-style and interior decor, and you just want something fresh and new, you might not have to make such a drastic change. Consider installing plantation shutters over your windows instead.

What plantation shutters offer.

Any type of interior wood shutters offers a distinctive and contemporary style of window treatment that can enhance the appearance of the entire room. With the right shutters installed properly, they will appear as though they were part of the windows from the beginning.

Speak to any professional and experienced interior designer and you will understand how important it is to focus on window treatments when determining the layout and decor of the rooms in the house.

The window treatments can be blinds, curtains, drapery, and even shutters. If you’ve never had any direct experience with plantation shutters, these are interior wood shutters that have relatively wide slats to provide elegance and style for just about any room in the house. For a living room, a plantation shutter can make the room look and feel more refined and even spacious.

Plantation shutters are also commonly referred to as California shutters, even though they are essentially the same thing. The difference in name only has to do with the shift from the southern portion of the United States in the early 19th century to protecting homes from the Southern California sun during the gold rush years in the mid-19th century.

Plantation shutters in your living room can allow you an incredible amount of light and air control. You can also protect your privacy by using split top shutters where you can open the top half to allow light in or fresh air in the evening and still maintain your privacy.

If you never thought about plantation shutters for your home, visit Canada Custom Shutters to see the wide selection of different styles shutters you could choose from. You can also see how these shutters could completely transform the look and feel of your living room, thus showing you that it’s not necessary to replace your furniture completely.

Damaged Shutters? Hire the Right Professionals to Repair Them

do it yourselferFrom time to time interior and exterior shutters are going to get damaged. If you have wood shutters on the inside of your home, you’ve made a good investment and they should last a long time. However, as the years march on and the more use that the shutters see, the more wear and tear they will be exposed to.

If you’re talking about exterior shutters, severe weather, especially the kind we experience in Toronto, such as ice storms, freezing rain, torrential winds, and much more can do an incredible amount of damage to the exterior portions of your home, including the shutters.

Exterior shutters are usually nonfunctional. That means the slats won’t move and those shutters will not be meant to draw closed over the windows. As a result they’re much easier to repair than interior wood shutters that are designed with many functionalities in mind.

The common mistake homeowners make.

One of the most common mistakes Toronto homeowners make when they look to have somebody come to their home and repair their interior shutters is hiring the cheapest contractor they can find. That’s because they don’t want to spend a significant amount of money repairing these window treatments.

In truth, the contractor who doesn’t have any real, direct experience working with shutters may very well be skilled in a variety of carpentry aspects, but shutters are precision units. They deserve to have somebody who knows what they’re doing working on them to repair them in the best way possible.

If you end up trying to save money with a cheaper contractor to repair those interior wood shutters, you may be disappointed with their functionality afterward.

Keeping them looking and operating as they were designed requires regular maintenance, but sometimes it demands a bit more. If that’s the case right now, contact Canada Custom Shutters and have an experienced professional come to your home, analyze the condition of the shutters, and offer you an honest quote to repair them.

Don’t be Fooled by Cheap Shutters: How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

installing shutters on a budgetYou’re considering something new for the interior of your home decor. You’ve been looking around your house and have not been completely satisfied with the way every room looks. You know something’s missing, but you’re not quite sure what.

Most of the time window treatments are overlooked. The curtains, blinds, or other drapery that you have covering your windows right now could be outdated, boring, and even frustrating to keep open and closed. Interior wood shutters are great option that could not only enhance the look and feel of your home, but it can also make it much easier to control privacy and light getting into your home.

When you begin shopping around for interior shutters, you’ll find an incredible range of prices advertised. You may be tempted to go with the cheapest possible ones you can find, but they will most likely be vinyl and that isn’t going to really enhance the comfort or value of your home.

You could pay anywhere around $50 per window shutter for the vinyl style or up to $500 per window shutter for hardwood, handmade shutters.

Determining which one is right for you.

If you value your home and have made a significant investment in quality furniture, you maintain your floors in great shape, and want the best looking window treatments possible, then you want to look into quality hardwood shutters. If you don’t really care how your windows ultimately look and are just seeking a simple and quick solution, then you might as well look into the cheaper vinyl shutters.

The major problem with these cheap, vinyl shutters is that even though they look fine in the store, once they are installed on your windows you’ll have a much closer look at them and they will look as cheap and plastic as they really are.

When considering interior shutters, seriously think about the value that wood shutters offer. When you do, you’ll see that this is not an expense, but is actually an investment that can pay incredible dividends for years to come.

Lower Your Heating Bills with Interior Shutters: Yes, You Read That Right!

save on your heating billDuring the winter is when the majority of people focus on trying to find ways to save money, especially on their home heating bills. They may look to alternative fuel options, cheaper solutions, cutting their thermostat down to a lower temperature, and much more. They can also look at replacing their old, outdated, drafty windows and doors, but that is often considered a significant expense and may not be practical for some families in the heart of winter’s chill.

There is a solution that can help lower heating bills, at least to some degree that won’t require the kind of investment that replacement windows carries. This would be installing interior natural wood shutters over each window throughout your home.

How Shutters Insulate the Home

When people hear that interior wood shutters can actually provide more energy efficiency for their home, they are generally pretty skeptical. Think about this, though: when you head down to your local hardware store and pick up that thin plastic insulation to place over your windows during the winter season, just consider how thin and flimsy the plastic actually is. Most people who have used this type of window covering at some time or another in their life will admit it is effective, to a degree.

That’s because even a thin layer of extra insulation can be incredibly beneficial at keeping cold air from penetrating into the home. Now think about what solid, natural wood shutters can do for your Toronto home.

Even though the cold air will still be pressing in through the windows to some degree, having the shutters closed, especially at night, can help to prevent that cold air from penetrating deeper into your home, subsequently lowering the temperature throughout your house and requiring your furnace to kick on more frequently.

Not only will you be able to save some money on your heating expenses throughout the winter with interior wood shutters, you can also have a much more refined, elegant, and contemporary look to any room in your house.

If you want to learn more about the incredible benefits that interior wood shutters offer the average Toronto homeowner, contact Canada Custom Shutters today.