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The Best Option for Mounting Interior Shutters

louvered-650Installing interior shutters in your Toronto home will provide you with numerous comforts. Interior shutters are by far the best window treatment that you can have because not only do they look great, they are easy to use and offer great control over privacy and light getting into your home.

Once you purchase or decide that you are going to purchase interior wood shutters, you need to decide on where they are going to be mounted. Depending on the depth of the window frame itself, you may or may not have the type of options available to you that you thought. For example, if you have a double hung window that only offers a centimeter or less of space along the interior part of the window frame, then you are not really going to have that option.

You will have to install those shutters on the exterior portion of the window frame, usually just inside the molding.

The absolute best place to install interior shutters is on the interior part of the window frame. When interior shutters are installed on the inside portion of the window, it creates the appearance that those shutters were designed specifically with those windows. It is a more uniform look and you will be much happier with the results.

The main issue has to do with where windows are installed in the frame and the depth of those windows. For example, thicker framed windows are not going to provide much clearance space for shutters to be installed on the inside portion of the frame. If you are looking at replacing your windows, take into consideration the interior shutters when you choose the style and size of the window for your home.

If you have any specific questions with regard to placement on the windows in your home, contact Canada Custom Shutters and speak to an experienced representative to learn more.