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The History of Exterior Shutters and Why Today’s Still Matter

exteriorIt used to be that exterior shutters were incredibly important for security of homes. Today it’s easy to take this part of a home for granted. Exterior shutters are, for the most part, not functional but they can do a great deal to improve curb appeal.

Window shutters are complex in their own right and if exterior shutters are not hung properly, they could affect not only the way they look but also the entire curb appeal of the home.

Exterior shutters were most commonly used as a way to secure the home or building, to add privacy, and to also improve insulation during winter weather. The shutters could also block out the sun which helped keep a home from heating up too much in warmer climates. Louvered shutters were developed over time that allowed outside air to filter into the home while also blocking out the sun on those hot summer days.

Earliest shutters were used in place of glass windows as most homes didn’t have glass until only a few centuries ago. Most of these exterior shutters were either single board or board and batten shutters (which are basically vertical slat shutters). Fixed louvered shutters began to increase in popularity in the second part of the 18th century.

Why do exterior shutters matter today?

If you drive around Toronto or any of the surrounding areas, pay attention to the way homes look, both those that have exterior shutters and those that don’t have anything surrounding the windows. Most often you will notice the houses that have some type of exterior shutter will present a more fixed and finished look as opposed to those that do not.

Consider the molding that exist throughout the interior portion of your home. What would it look like without that molding there? Most people would agree that it wouldn’t appear finished off.

The type of shutters you have installed on the outside of your house will depend on your personal preferences, the style of home you have, and what look you’re aiming for. The best advice would to be to find an experienced expert who knows all about shutters to help you go through all of your options. That experienced company would be Canada Custom Shutters.

Window Blinds or Shutters: Which is Better

commercial-mainTrying to decide between window coverings can be challenging, especially if you’re not accustomed to interior design. While curtains, shades, and draperies are fundamentally different than shutters, blinds are its closest match.

When you want the ideal window coverings for your home, you could have questions about which is better: blinds or shutters.

The answer depends on each homeowner’s personal preferences, but for those who are more interested in value for their home, wood shutters are going to be far better than blinds almost every single time.

Key Advantages of Blinds

One of the primary advantages to choosing blinds will be the cost savings. You could find relatively inexpensive blinds at your local home improvement store. These will be made of plastic, will generally come in a couple of color options, though predominantly white, and be easy to install.

Key Disadvantages of Blinds

There are some blinds that are made of other materials and will be more durable, but most plastic blinds will be flimsy, meaning they could be damaged or broken easily. The strings that bind them all together and allow you to open and close them can become tangled, twisted, and frayed.

Key Advantages of Wood Shutters

Wood shutters have an elegant appeal to them that can actually improve the comfort of any room in your home. They will also help to enhance the overall value of the entire house.

They are easy to operate, provide great control over light and privacy, and are durable. They can be stripped down and repainted so they will generally last for many years, even decades.

Key Disadvantages of Wood Shutters

The main disadvantage of wood shutters is cost. You will need to make a more significant investment in wood shutters at the outset, but as they will last for a long time, that investment will pay dividends for many years to come.

Why Get Your Shutters Professionally Installed

Functional ShuttersCanada Custom Shutters will provide professional shutter installation, the best in the industry. Many companies use subcontractors but we have our own professional installers that will install your shutters to ours exacting standards.

The main issue with using subcontractors is that they carry no real responsibility for their workmanship. They are typically paid by the job for each installation, thus their primary motivation is hanging as much square footage as quickly as possible to make more money.

Our team has been trained to install your shutters professionally in a timely manner with respect for your home and furnishings. We are only satisfied when you are as well.

Installing custom shutters is not the simplest of projects; in fact, we look at it as an art form. You need the right skills and proper training. Of course the first step to a great installation is a professional design and measurement. We will go through all of this with you during the design consultation and educate you about proper, professional installation methods.

Many shutter, door, and window treatment companies are simply in the business of selling their products. They may not have the skills to design products that can match your existing décor. They also may not understand how to conduct proper measurement, differences in construction (style and material), or proper installation.

At Canada Custom Shutters, we not only understand all of these components, we know how to bring them together to give you the perfect shutters for your home. Simply trusting a company based on a few shutter samples in their showroom is not going to get you the custom look you want. Call us today to talk about what you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with all the information and consultation you need to make the ideal decision for your home.

Will Hurricane Shutter Really Protect My Windows?

exterior-mainThe short is answer is yes. If you live in a hurricane-prone region, covers for windows are an excellent investment for protection of life and property. Shutters are not the only way to protect your home from hurricane damage. Most people choose hurricane shutters because they are a more affordable alternative to impact windows. What’s nice is they add value and curb appeal to homes as well as being a functional addition.

The importance of protecting your windows is not just so they don’t break. Once the wind gets into your home, water damage and the loss of a roof can soon follow. The shutters protect the windows and the windows protect your interior and overall house structure. Colonial style hurricane shutters look much nicer than the rollaway shutters, and there are those who believe that if you’re going to put shutters on your house, make them look like they work. So why not go all the way and offer shutters that are both decorative and functional?

There are some myths associated with windows that a lot of people believe. Taping your windows during a bad storm will not prevent them from breaking. The tape adds such a miniscule amount of strength to the window. Plastic film will also not prevent breakage. It will help keep broken glass out of your house if the window breaks but it’s much smarter to avoid the breakage to begin with.

When you’re deciding what type of exterior shutters to use, functional shutters are the best bet. They look as nice, if not nicer, than decorative shutters and they add invaluable protection. If you’re in a hurricane-prone area, having hurricane shutters may also lower your home insurance costs.

The best time to have shutters installed is when your house is built so that they can be part of the design. If you already have a home without shutters, then get them installed as soon as it is practical to do so. If they are permanently in place on your home, then practice closing them once a year before hurricane season to make sure everything is in place and in working order.